Want to engage your church in missions? We can help.


As a church, pray for global issues, international frontline leaders, and for Global Advance events throughout the year. 


Consider financially partnering with Global Advance as part of your church's missions focus or by sponsoring an event.


See where we work and consider who in your church might be a good fit to serve at our Global Advance events around the world.  

Persecuted Church Fund

Persecution comes in many forms. Harassment. Being shut out from business opportunities. No allowance for a building permit to hold church services. Being forced unfairly to leave a current facility or face unbearable fines. Beatings. Torture. Threats. Even murder.

In February 2012 Newsweek reported a 309% increase in terrorist attacks against Christians since 2003 in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Today, we watch in heartbreak as the persecution of the church continues at alarming rates.

Over the years, Global Advance has ministered encouragement and strength to pastors, their families, businesspersons and women who live in a constant environment of persecution. 

Won't you partner with us today to support these heroes serving on the frontlines?

The Circle 72

The Global Advance Circle 72 is a team of generous partners who commit to support the ministry through minimum annual financial donations of $10,000 or more. This core circle concept is based off of the Luke 10 principle, when Jesus sent out the seventy-two ahead of him to every town and place He was preparing to go. The Circle 72 ensures a solid foundational support for the ongoing ministry efforts of Global Advance.

If your church is interested in becoming a Circle 72 Partner, please contact us.