Friends together and Friends of God!

Good day friends!!!!

It is such a wonderful thought that we know each other as “friends” through Global Advance, but even more special is that Christ calls us His friends. We are truly blessed beyond measure that the Creator of the Universe has chosen us to be His children. 1 John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.

Love to you all,

John and Lisa

Prayer Points

Ambassadors’ Training & Annual Dinner Remaining September Events and October David’s Health Ester Initiative IC Gathering

Ambassadors’ Training and Annual Dinner

Feverish work continues on all aspects of these events. Please pray for each action item that needs to be completed to be done in perfect timing, for every staff person involved to have the energy and knowledge to accomplish every task, for every participant to be blessed even before they arrive and that they are imparted with the specific knowledge that the Father wants to grant each of them. For attendees of the dinner to develop a deep, deep heart for GA and as such choose to become a regular, consistent partner.

Global Events

September 21-25 Zambia, Lusaka Frontline Pastors Mike Johnson

October 21-22 Brazil. Porto Alegre Esther Initiative Whitney Daugherty

October 21-23 Colombia, Medellin NextGen Bryce Manderfield

October 26-27 Kenya Sotic, Church Planting Shem Kihoro

October 31-Nov 2 Myanmar, Taunggyi Church Plant/Joshua Nation Jason Holland/Ken Janke

David’s Health

Let us continue to lift up David as he has a very busy upcoming schedule. Father in the Name of Jesus we speak healing according to 1 Peter 2:24, by “His Stripes” to the illness, symptoms, and sources. Believing that “all is well with him”!

Ester Initiative

Please pray for the completion and “blessed effect” the new book "Mentoring Esthers" will have on women around the world. This is a follow up to Esther manual for practical tips to form groups and draw mentees together.

IC Gathering

Please be in prayer, preparing for our meeting next Wednesday, September 28th!


He IS our Sustainer!

Philippians 4:19

And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

I’ll share more during our time together on September 28th…. But for now let us remember, believe in, and stand firmly on the TRUTH that our God IS our sustainer!

NOTE: please remember to let us know if you will be able to attend the IC Gathering on September 28th @ 6:30pm at the Global Advance office. (or if you will need to skype or call-in) You can let us know by text @ 903-456-3409 (John Redd) or

Prayer Points

Ambassadors’ Training September Events David’s Health IC Gathering

Ambassador’s Training

Proverbs 1:5: Let the wise hear and increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance.

Please continue to lift up all the Ambassadors coming to the Training event on October 13th. As they attend, they will be receiving “learning and guidance” on how to improve their effectiveness as team leaders and participants on GA trip/events.

Please review last week’s note on upcoming events for September

Prayer for our brother! Father we continue to lift up our dear brother David to You. As You sit “On’High” Your heart and eyes and ears are directed towards Your children. We come before you with much gratitude for all that You Are and what You do. We know that your desire is ours, so we command that the afflictions David is experiencing must cease and be removed in the Name of Yeshua. By His Stripes David is declared healed. No arrow of the enemy may pass by his and our shield of faith as we stand locked arms in spirit against the conniving evil that desires to beset us. We speak to all forms of pain, affliction, disease…. their symptoms and sources, be gone in Jesus Name!

Let us continue to agree in this way for the coming days…….

Please be in prayer as we prepare to “Gather” on September 28th. Lisa and I will review opportunities for the IC to minister at the Ambassadors’ Training. We will also pre-view the events of that same night…. A Night of Prayer and Worship….

More to come….

Blessings to you and we’re honored to be “a part” of this group!

John and Lisa


There is Power in the act of prayers

Welcome and be glad in the Name of our Lord Jesus the Christ! Today is an amazing day as we join hands in lifting up the people and programs of Global Advance.

Jonathan had a prophetic word spoken over him recently. Let us stand together in unity of agreement that these words will come to pass according to God’s great promises.

Recent word: “Bumper crop. God opening doors. Jonathan entering into a season of rest in the midst of busyness”

Previously, Jonathan had a word spoken that he would have influence in the Pacific Rim. Jonathan has met with, and is meeting with several key business leaders (potentially significant partners) from that area of the world.

In addition, Jonathan asks that we keep in concerted pray that key financial potential be freed from spiritual burden to open the doors of resources and as we do, remember to pray against resistance that is restraining the outflow!

We love you guys and are blessed to stand arm-in-arm with you all!

John and Lisa

Prayer Points – (details below)

Continuing work on the 2016 Dinner

Continuing work on the 2016 Ambassadors’ Training

Praise Report on Nepal

2016 Financials

NOTE: Please see information about an upcoming IC gathering

September Trips/Events

2016 Dinner – “Light the Nations”

Pray for all the tables to be hosted and sponsored

Pray that all large sponsors will come through… in abundance

Pray for the hearts of attendees to be open and connect to the ministry of GA

Pray for all the staff and volunteers for energy and protection and health

2016 Ambassadors’ Training

Please continue to pray for all the Ambassadors as they come to train and be refreshed in their roles.

Praise from Nepal (from GA Facebook)

“Over 500 Leaders gathered this week in Nepal to receive needed training. 250 of them are receiving training in Church Planting” Let us lift up these that have committed to not only receiving…. but giving. There will be a roar heart around the world as these warriors go out and establish new congregations of believers!

“The Esther Initiative was in Nepal this week! These incredible women are being uplifted and trained through our Esther leadership curriculum so that they are equipped to serve alongside their teams in a nationwide church planting effort. Please pray for these brave leaders who are ready to impact their families, their churches, their communities, and their nation for Christ!

2016 Financials

We know that our Father “owns the cattle on a 1000 hills”. Let us come diligently before Him asking for an outpouring of financial blessings. Lisa and I have been praying, and ask you to join us in faith that God will provide a “great flood of resources” for perpetual sustainability of the GA. In other words, so significant enough that fundraising would never have to happen again. Our God is Greater than anything we can imagine and GA IS His ministry. We are believing for Him to allow concerted focus on ministry vs fund raising.

Upcoming IC Gathering

Please check your schedules and see what day/times best meet you ability to attend.

Listed below are the dates and times available. Please respond via email your first, second, third choice of day/time.

All dates are September

20 @ 7pm

27 @ lunch

27 @ 7pm

28 @ 7pm

Frontline Pastors - Igniter

September 12-17 Georgia, Tbilisi Frontline Pastors

September 18-23 Tanzania, Arusha Frontline Pastors

September 21-25 Zambia, Lusaka Frontline Pastors

Frontline Pastors – Implementer

September 16-17 Kenya, Arusha Church Planting

September 4-17 India, Jaipur/Kanpur Church Planting

Marketplace Missions

September 19-24 Peru, Trujillo/Lima/Cusco Marketplace


Events, Trips, Planning (and Praying) for all…..

All Glory and Honor to Him Who sits upon the Throne! May He be lifted up in our hearts today as we approach Him for the Kingdom purposes of Global Advance!

1 Timothy 1:17 To the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever, Amen.

September has come quickly upon us and before too long we will see Christmas decorations at Wal-Mart! In the mean time, before year-end there is much work yet to be done. There are many people to provide encouragement to, many pastors who desire to plant a church (or churches!), Women who are passionate about our Lord Jesus Christ. All in all there are many activities and events….and especially PEOPLE, that need our continued intercession and concerted prayers.

May the Lord, by the infilling of His Holy Spirit bring to your mind those things that He is calling you specifically to lift up. May His blessings come upon you as you answer this beautiful call.

Peace be unto you!

John & Lisa

Prayer Points – (details below)

Continuing work on the 2016 Dinner Continuing work on the 2016 Ambassadors’ Training 2016 Financial September Trips/Events (Please review last week’s notice and the short update below) NextGen – Survey 2017 Event Schedule

2016 Dinner – “Light the Nations”

There is much excitement and anticipation for this year’s Dinner and Ambassador Training. Please be in prayer for the staff as they prepare the “jots and tiddles” in detail for every aspect of the event. Father we ask in the most Precious and Powerful Name of Yeshua for Your Hand of guidance to be upon each GA team member as they work towards the 2016 Dinner. Each one has a specific gifting to accomplish Your desires for the goals of GA. May Your “Lead” be what they follow.

2016 Ambassador Training

Pray for all the Ambassadors as they come to train and be refreshed in their roles. Gracious Heavenly Father we lift up each and every Ambassador that is and has served GA. We ask that each one attending the Training be filled with great anticipation for what they will receive and discover. We ask a blessing of health and prosperity for each one as they have generously taken up the call as “Ambassador” for GA.


Keith is completing the Survey and only has 4 weeks remaining!

2017 Calendar

Ken is continuing to work on the “where we’re going” and “what we’re going to do”. Pray that he is filled with great insight, passionate connections, people of influence….. favor with all.

2016 Financial

Please be in prayer that partners that have committed financial support for GA will follow through on their commitment. In addition, please pray for new long-term and Foundation partners would come on board, joining us in the call to the nations.

Upcoming Events - September

Frontline Pastors - Igniter

September 12-17 Georgia, Tbilisi Frontline Pastors
September 18-23 Tanzania, Arusha Frontline Pastors
September 21-25 Zambia, Lusaka Frontline Pastors

Frontline Pastors – Implementer

September 5-8 Nepal, Kathmandu Church Planting
September 16-17 Kenya, Arusha Church Planting September 4-17 India, Jaipur/Kanpur Church Planting

Marketplace Missions

September 19-24 Peru, Trujillo/Lima/Cusco Marketplace

Ester Initiative

September 5-8 Nepal, Kathmandu Esther Initiative


…My Refuge and My Fortress!

Praise God for His Hand of Mercy rests upon us. In the midst of all the world’s “crisis” we have the Promises of our Father to help us remain not only steadfast…..but move on in His Power and Authority.

Scriptures that we’re praying this month over all of the Global Advance people and operations are found in Psalms 91. This week we’ve been focused on verses 1-2.

1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,my God, in whom I trust.”

Peace be unto you!

Prayer Points - Details Below

  • Alpha Relief - Columbia Event (security confidential
  • Ester Initiative - Working Retreat
  • Peru Trip - September
  • Media - Deadlines for Dinner
  • NextGen - SurveyMedia
  • 2017 Event Schedule

Marketplace Missions

Our Marketplace team returned safely home this week. There were prophetic words spoken over that region of the world that “a light would explode from there affecting the world” We know that our God has opened so many doors for Marketplace and He has yet many more doors to open. Let’s pray that we are sensitive to the “unrecognized areas” that desperately need the help and encouragement from our Marketplace leaders.

PERU: Pray for team members preparation (physical and spiritual) Trip is September.

Alpha Relief - Scott

We have a request from Scott with Alpha Relief (This is a confidential request, please do not forward or share)

Pray for Jaime and Lori Useche - Thursday through the weekend: They are bringing Red Zone pastors in Columbia high security - in for conference and equipping them with Bibles to take back with them. Pray for Encouragement for all.

Scott is also working on his book "Where Light Remains". We pray that as the Holy Sprit leads him, that his “pen” would flow to bring a powerful message of hope.

Esther Initiative - Whitney

We have an amazing praise report from Honduras. This is a post from Facebook: “God is good!! We had over 1,000 women at the Esther Conference at Puerta Del Cielo in La Ceiba, Honduras!! Women were empowered to be modern-day Esthers and change their communities for Christ!!”

We are believing for a waterfall of love and care to spring forth from the Ester Initiative to wash over many more nations impacting literally tens of thousands of women. This move of God has been orchestrated for this time and as such has immense power and influence as Global Advance – Ester Initiative takes on the challenge and provides hope, help, and love to all these women.

Please pray for the monthly Ester Initiative gathering at Stoltzfus - on going EI training.

Let’s begin now to intercede for the EI retreat planning session in September. Father we ask that You begin to plant new seeds of opportunity in the path of EI. That the very heart of You Father is poured in to these ladies as they plan and develop the strategies and events for EI. We ask for great open doors to swing wide as the need to enter new countries is evident…. May You go before them (EI) to establish the paths You intend.

Nepal trip - Pray: For women in this culture it is difficult to meet; pray they are receptive to the message

Media - Andy

Please pray for Andy as he is heavily into working all aspects of room design, video, and graphics for the Dinner in October. There are many deadlines quickly approaching and let’s join together to pray for his stamina and creativity to be a flow directly from the Holy Spirit…… He (Andy) doesn’t have to do it on his own.

NextGen - Keith

Survey: Only 10 days left for people to take the NextGen Survey. Keith reports that the French translation has just been completed. Let’s pray especially for responders to the survey from throughout the Middle East.

Pray for Keith as he has an established deadline for the NextGen Manual - 5 weeks remaining. Pray that all the components and content come together with ease. Please pray that even before the manual is distributed that it is “anointed” to do the Kingdom work it is intended for. That every hand it touches will be transformed, every eye that reads will be opened, every heart that receives will be encouraged.

Programs - Ken

Ken is in the process of scheduling all the trips for 2017. This is a massive work of coordination and planning. We are asking for fresh revelation of the Father’s desires of where and when to go and what programs He has intended.

Ambassador Day preparations – Much work yet to be done: Story boarding entire day; working with Directors for their various parts/input/videos.

Nepal Trip - 400+ villages have been identified that do not have churches - Pray for successful church planting ignited as result of trip.



Glorious day in the Lord to you all!!!!

2 Corinthians 1:20 For all the promises of God find their Yes in him. That is why it is through him that we utter our Amen to God for his glory.

2 Peter 1:3-5 3 His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence, 4 by which he has granted to us his precious and very great promises, so that through them you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped from the corruption that is in the world because of sinful desire. 5 For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, and virtue with knowledge,

There is a lot to be thankful for in this time. We are living in a day and age where we know that His return is closer than it was the day before. That may seem trite but it is nonetheless true. Today we are a day closer than yesterday to seeing our Lord face to face. As the “world” continues on its path of potential self-destruction, we are to enter His gates with thanksgiving. He is our hope, our vision, and direction. We are in Him and from Him all His promises are Yes and Amen. Our pastor noted last Sunday that there are over 3400 promises in the Bible. I believe God wants to make it clear to us, by His promises that He is Sovereign and in control. Go forth today, as a new day in the Lord and be thankful….standing in His Promises.

A word from Jonathan this morning (Saturday August 20)…

There's been several Prophesy over this region that a light would explode from here affecting the world. Esther conference had over 1000 ladies and their leadership mentor session went great. Business visits “off the chain” awesome.

Prayer Requests from Jonathan

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit moves in the words spoken and that He moves throughout the region to affect great change.
  • Pray a network for marketplace leaders established. This is a new concept here and much needed.
  • Pray for favor for one of GA’s major supporters that needs a business miracle to close a specific job between him and a competitor, this has major financial implications for GA.
  • Every day the activities, resources, and personal support Global Advance provides are making a huge difference in individuals and those touched by those individuals.

    Upcoming events……

    Father we ask in the Name of Yeshua for a special covering on each one of these events. We ask Your blessings upon each attendee, knowing that You have planned in advance for them to attend and receive. We ask for Your hand of protection on each one that is “in-country” and all attendees now……. for peace, safety, sleep and health.

    August 18-19 Kenya Church Planting

    August 18-20 Honduras Esther/Marketplace

    August 25-28 Colombia Frontline Pastors

    August 26-27 Kenya Church Planting

    September 4-17 India Church Planting

    September 5-8 Nepal Church Planting

    September 5-8 Nepal Esther Ken

    Additional Prayer Directives for this next week:

    Health and well-being for all the Shibleys… that each be filled with a newness of energy and vitality.

    For preparations for the Global Advance Dinner (October 14) and the Ambassador’s Training (October 13th)

    Mark your calendar:

    The IC is invited on October 13th to attend dinner (@ 6:30pm) after the Ambassador’s Training for a time of worship and prayer. More details to follow.


2 1 Timothy 2

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people.

Hello fellow servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we bring our petitions to the Throne, let us first bow in honor of the One Who is truly worthy of our honor. He is the Greatest among the great, who can contest His Mightiness….. no one. Father before we begin our prayers of request, we come before You humbly in honor of Your Majesty.

Tomorrow, Friday August 12th Jonathan is speaking to a group of business leaders about GA and to encourage them. Let’s seek the Father in filling Jonathan with words that impact individuals at a very personal level and bring Glory to God!


Next week begins a series of conference events in Honduras. Hallie will be leading an Ester Initiative event hosted by Travis Moffitt on August 18-19. Father we ask in the Name of Yeshua for an outpouring of Your love into these ladies. May Your presence lead them into the knowledge of their position as “princesses”, the royal preisthood in Your Kingdom!

August 19-20 Jonathan and Hallie will be in Honduras for a Marketplace Missions Conference. We ask Holy Father for Your guidance and influence to be upon each business leader to grow their enterprise and support the missions of the Kingdom in their respective cities. May all that is done bring people closer to You, create fire for Kingdom works, and produce fruit for generations to come.

Please review the schedule of the remaining event for August listed below. Each event has been ordained for a specific set of Kingdom purposes. As such our attention in prayer coverage is greatly needed.

August 25-28 Frontline Pastors Igniter Conference in Columbia lead by Tony Nichols and hosted by Jaime Useche.


This year’s event is scheduled for Friday, October 14th at the Westin Park Central Hotel

The theme this year is, “Light the Nations” – ARISE, SHINE, FOR YOUR LIGHT HAS COME!

Please begin in prayer for this to be a time of relationship building with people of influence, connection, and provision. Pray that the Glory of God would be evident and the focus of the event as we continue to take the Word of God to the nations.

On October 13th, prior to the Dinner Celebration there will be an Ambassadors’ Training Conference. At the culmination of that day we will be hosting a Prayer Conference. We can attend dinner at 5:00 pm then following at 6:30 will be a time of worship and prayer. Please mark you calendars for these two very important event. More details about both will follow. IF YOU ARE ABLE TO ATTEND DINNER AND THE PRAYER CONFERENCE please send me a confirmation via email to

More details about the event to follow……..


John and Lisa


Pray for Pakistan

Good afternoon everyone! We need to bring Heaven’s Armies to bear on this request from Jonathan. He did a radio interview yesterday- one of our Pak pastors is in Quetta where two big blasts happened. This story goes through a lot of channels please pray for his safety and ours.

The link below

Progress and Perseverance

Please see below this week’s latest updates….

Continue to lift up Jonathan as he is meeting with potential financial partners today and tomorrow. I just heard from him and it went well. Follow up is key and we are believing for a “great outpouring” of long-term financial partnership. We ask the Father to bring His heart to these people and to endear them to the mission He has given Global Advance. Ken is currently in Ecuador with Bryce Manderfield at a NextGen conference. Please ask for holy encounters to open the hearts and minds of these young people. For the Father to prepare them to be the Godly leaders this upcoming and future generations will desperately need.

Continue in prayer that David’s book, “Entrusted” will reach every heart and mind of everyone as God leads. That the message contained will stir up those hearts and minds into a grand excitement for the Kingdom!

Also, pray for leaders in persecuted countries, some are fleeing for their lives. We ask Holy God to send angelic protectors for each leader and their families. Go forth, from where they are to clear a safe path of no resistance to their destination.

Love you all, grateful for your intercession!


This Week and This Month

Dr. Shibley is ministering in all 3 services tomorrow at Lakeshore. Pray that he moves with the Spirit, which is our strength and song. The ever-present likeness of Jesus that flows through us.

This week let us be in prayer for Jonathan, specifically as he reaches out and meets with potentially significant financial partners. He will be in New York on Thursday and Friday in Pennsylvania. We know that our Lord God and Father has equipped Jonathan for this mission and that He is, and always has been the provider of all resources for GA. Let us be in agreement for a grand outpouring of “abundant resources”. Asking for our Father to bless each contributor as they give to His Kingdom purposes orchestrated by GA.

August is once again a busy month for events around the world for GA. Let us direct our prayers toward Heaven, gaining insight from the Holy Spirit. To cover and lift up each leader, to call upon angelic guards to be at each event protecting, for travel to be swift and effective, and for every person touched at these events to be electrified for Kingdom work.

Below are the dates, locations, and team leaders for each event.

Front Line Pastors

August 8-10 Kenya, Nairobi David Hatley

August 13-15 Madagascar, TBD Daniel King

August 16-19 Zambia, Lusaka Mike Johnson

Marketplace Missions

August 22-23 Honduras, La Ceiba Jonathan Shibley/Hallie Powers Travis Moffatt

Ester Initiative

August 16-23 (1day) Honduras, La Ceiba Hallie Powers Travis Moffatt

NextGen Engagement

August 5-7 Ecuador, Quito Bryce Manderfield/Ken Janke

Friday - Introduction

Welcome to the IC Prayer Update page

We are pleased to introduce you to the new IC Prayer location.

This will be a place of not only providing real time updates for prayer requests from Global Advance, but also a historical repository of all prayer requests. You should have received both a text and email announcement directing you to this page. As mentioned in the email and text, please confirm that you were able to reach this page from both your phone and email.

On a personal note, Lisa and I are so pleased to be taking on this new role and are excited to see where God is going to lead us and the entire vision for the Global Advance Prayer Force. Thank you for your intercession and love for the people and ministry of Global Advance.

  • Together we bring Heaven to earth
  • Together we lift up, encourage, and cover
  • Together we can impact the world for the Kingdom

Blessings and Love, John and Lisa Redd