Global Advance is looking for Godly men and women in the marketplace who desire to impact lives for Christ.

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Getting involved in Marketplace Missions

Be a Marketplace Ambassador

  • Go to the nations to share your life story and teach in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Management, Accounting, Sales, and other areas.
  • Volunteer to work on the planning and strategizing of Global Advance Marketplace Missions endeavors on groups and committees.
  • Connect the Global Advance Marketplace Missions opportunity with your friends and organizations.
  • Pray for the initiatives and the people involved in and impacted through Global Advance Marketplace Missions.

Be a Marketplace Mentor from Home

  • Using a custom software platform and a world-class business mentoring curriculum, you will be able to train and equip key Christian business leaders around the world in a one-on-one, life-on-life process.

Invest in Christian Enterprise

  • Global Advance has set up an economic fund to help provide capital to Christian run businesses in developing nations. 

Support Marketplace Missions

  • Join the group of Marketplace Champions by committing to being an annual financial supporter of Global Advance Marketplace Missions at an amount of five thousand dollars or greater.