Global Advance was founded in 1990 by Dr. David Shibley. In the 1980s, God put a vision and burden in his heart to provide encouragement, resources, and training for frontline pastors in destitute nations of the world. Global Advance became a friend and advocate for indigenous pastors and church planters worldwide, challenging them to be catalysts for fulfilling the Great Commission.

  David Shibley, Founder/World Representative   Jonathan Shibley, President 


David Shibley, Founder/World Representative  

Jonathan Shibley, President 

Since 1990, Global Advance has provided indigenous training and ministry encouragement for more than 700,000 frontline leaders in 94 nations. Two training centers have been built and numerous strategic partnerships developed with hundreds of churches and ministries. 

In 2000, the Global Advance Ambassadors Network was formed, which now comprises numerous churches, ministries and businesses who work together to equip leaders globally.

In 2004, Global Advance launched Marketplace Missions with the goal to awaken Kingdom vision and sharpen the skills of Christian entrepreneurs and professionals throughout the developing world. Hundreds of business leaders partner with Global Advance Marketplace Missions through training conferences, business networks, economic development, mentoring, and ministry.

In 2010, Global Advance launched The Esther Initiative to encourage and empower women in underserved nations to be difference-makers in their spheres of influence. From this initiative national prayer networks have been birthed and multitudes of women are being trained to impact their families and nations with the gospel.