Who does Global Advance Target for training?

Global Advance brings training, encouragement and resources to pastors who don’t have access to formal training (Bible Schools or seminaries). Typically our conferences and training initiatives occur in secondary cities where the need for pastoral training is greater.

What does a conference look like?

Conferences vary in length from one day to a week long intensive. Training sessions typically focus on the man, the ministry, and the mission.

How is it funded?

Projects and conferences are funded by support from individuals, churches, businesses, and partner ministries. Each participant is asked to make a minimum donation to help cover the ground costs of the conference, administrative support, and other expenses.

How do you measure effectiveness?

Global Advance challenges each participant to make three commitments at the conclusion of our conferences. Each pastoral leader is challenged to: 

  • Commit or recommit to daily time with the Lord 
  • Plant at least one new church in the next 12 months 
  • Go or send missionaries to unreached areas.

International Coordinators follow up with surveys to determine success and effectiveness of training. Global Advance responds with next steps in regional program development. Additionally, each participant receives culturally appropriate resources for ongoing training.  

What is a typical schedule for a frontline Pastors Conference?

Conferences are typically three days in length with six to seven training sessions daily. Times are also set aside for prayer, encouragement, and fellowship. The evening is dedicated to fostering relationships in informal meetings. Global Advance pastoral training events vary depending on the location.

What is the value? Why should I go?

The Value Of What We Do For Pastors and Church Leaders in Underserved Nations:

  • Pastors and leaders recommit to the call of God on their lives.
  • Pastors and leaders are encouraged and refreshed in their ministry.
  • Pastors and leaders receive practical training that will assist in life and ministry.
  • Pastors and leaders are inspired with greater vision for their role in the Great Commission, and are challenged to go or send missionaries to the unreached.
  • Pastors and leaders are challenged to plant at least one new church in the next 12 months.

The Value Of What We Do For U.S. Team Members Who Participate:

  • Pastors and Church leaders use their God-given skills and experience to encourage their international peers.
  • Team members share transforming life lessons and proven Biblical principles for life and ministry success.
  • Team members acquire a global perspective of the body of Christ and the work of the Great Commission.
  • Team members have an opportunity to develop long-lasting relationships with U.S. and international peers.
  • Team members participate in a life changing and memorable experience of seeing God's hand at work among the nations.


Participants must have ministry experience and the ability to effectively teach and communicate spiritual principles in a lecture/conference setting. Occasionally, projects are designed to work with small groups of leaders in developing nations. In this case, the participant would be expected to effectively communicate in a small group setting. Every participant must have a servant's heart and a willingness to learn about other peoples and cultures. Flexibility is a must!

The Who? Where? and How Much?

Who? Each team typically consists of 4-6 pastoral leaders, including a Global Advance staff member or a veteran team leader. While on location, the team will always stay, travel, and work together.

Where? Each location is carefully and prayerfully selected. In all locations, Global Advance has a relationship with the host. The host has proven themselves over time in previous engagements. Safety is a top priority.

How Much? Cost varies depending on the nation. Team members are responsible for all travel expenses which typically include:

  • Flights: Cost varies depending upon the nation
  • Lodging: Hotels with modern conveniences (as available) average $100 ‐ $130 per night
  • Meals: Budget $10‐ $15 per meal
  • Project Donation: A minimum donation of $400 to sponsor a portion of the on the ground event costs
  • Vaccinations: Cost varies depending on vaccination needs
  • Visa Fees: Typically $100 ‐ $200
  • Passport Fees: Cost varies depending upon the nation
  • Trip incidentals: Budget for incidentals such as tips, gifts and sightseeing
  • Travel Insurance: Purchasing overseas travel insurance is recommended. Average cost is $50.
    *Consult your tax advisor for deductibility.

TRIP Expectations

What support can I expect from the staff at Global Advance? 
Global Advance will work with the host for coordination and logistics of the event, and will provide team members with:

  • Pre‐Trip Information: Information regarding days/dates/times, schedules, visa requirements, vaccination requirements/recommendations, cultural information, prayer guide, etc.
  • Suggested Flight Itinerary: The team leader’s flight itinerary will be sent as a guide to help you book your flight. Global Advance travel agent contact information is available upon request.
  • Hotel Accommodations: Global Advance will make all hotel accommodations related to the event. Team members are responsible for cost of hotel accommodations.
  • Ground Transportation: Arrange ground transportation for the event which includes to and from the airport, hotel, event venue, meals, etc.

What does Global Advance expect from me as a team member?

  • Team members are responsible for booking and paying for their own flights. The team leader’s flight itinerary will be sent as a guide to help you book your flights.
  • Obtain required passport and entry visa (if required): Information will be provided.
  • Prepare all presentations: Typically team members speak 3-4 times per conference. Global Advance can suggest material and provide teaching outlines as needed.
  • Sign and return Waiver/Release of Liability Form: Required for all individuals traveling with or attending a Global Advance conference.
  • Be Timely: Please complete all presentation, financial and other obligations before due dates.
  • Come spiritually prepared: Be ready and willing to be used by God to be a blessing.