Our team of Christian business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals recently participated in a “business as missions” expo in Kigali, Rwanda. The three day event was hosted by the Rwandan Development Board and Regent University Center for Entrepreneurship.

Ninety Rwandan business owners competed in a presentation contest. The prize was seed money to help them take their business to the next level. We experienced amazing opportunities to coach, mentor, encourage, and impart our expertise with the contestants.

Did this mission trip make a difference? After a business coaching hour with a Rwandan business owner, one of our team members received this email: “Thank you Heath. Yesterday was a great day for me and you are a man that I will never forget in my whole life. You helped me smile again, healed the pain that my heart carried for the past good three years.”

This scenario was replicated many times over during our time there, and all of our team members have similar experiences to tell. The truth is, we all came away as winners through the new relationships that were established!

More and more we’re watching business leaders go to the nations to serve and get in on all the fun and personal fulfillment that doctors have been experiencing for years through medical missions. I encourage you as a business person to pray and consider your usefulness and potential in God’s Kingdom by going to the nations.