Valson Varghese is a young dynamic leader of one of Hyderabad India’s largest churches.


Their ministry to young people is extensive and their passion to reach those without Christ is hotter than ever. Valson estimates that 8% of India’s 1.2 billion population are followers of Jesus, a dramatic lift from 2% only two decades ago.

Valson is one of the participants of Global Advance’s “Tri-Nations” Summit, a group of selected leaders from India, Pakistan and Nepal convene each year thanks to Global Advance supporters. “This was one of the highlights of my life!” Valson exclaimed. “It was like iron sharpening iron as the brothers from Pakistan shared with us from India of what God is doing and how He is working even through persecution.” 

“God gave me a love for the Pakistani people” Valson shared. Years earlier Valson’s younger brother was killed by Pakistani insurgents. “Instead of allowing bitterness to reign in my heart, God melted my heart for the people of Pakistan. He has used this tragedy as a witness of God’s love and redemption. I was even interviewed by the media and shared why I do not hate the Pakistani people. So many people have seen the power of God’s love and forgiveness.” Pray for Valson and the many young leaders God is raising up in nations like India and Pakistan. And pray for this year’s upcoming Tri-Nations Summit. We believe God is using this as a catalyst for His Kingdom.