It was a dark cold night in a “stan” country. Omar was nervous, yet excited about another secret showing of The Jesus Film in the back room of his teashop. Global Advance was able to help provide the start-up funds for him to begin his Kingdom-focused business. People were learning about who Jesus really is and giving their lives to follow Him.

Somehow an informant leaked Omar’s activities to those who directly opposed the message of the gospel. A few days later they stormed Omar’s shop, killing two of his workers and forcing him to another town.

Sadly, this true life story repeats itself more frequently than we would like to admit. Frontline leaders lay their lives down for the sake of the Gospel on a frequent basis, often with no one knowing about it except for heaven bearing witness.

The apostle Paul wrote these sobering words in Philippians 2:17: “Even if I am executed here and now, I’ll rejoice in being an element in the offering of your faith that you make on Christ’s altar, a part of your rejoicing. But turnabout’s fair play—you must join me in my rejoicing. Whatever you do, don’t feel sorry for me.” Just like Paul, who did not give up or turn back, so too does Omar.

Omar has not quit. He knows this life is just a "blip" on the eternal scale. His workers knew that too and were willing to risk their lives for the eternity of others. He started again in a new place and the gospel is now bearing fruit. People are turning from darkness to light.