I wanted to take a good look at Pastor Javier’s feet.

Well, at least I wanted to take a good look at his shoes.

I noticed that they were thin leather, moccasin-type boots.

Those boots didn’t seem like they would provide much protection for anybody’s feet; and those boots seemed especially inadequate for what Pastor Javier had just put them through.

You see Pastor Javier had just trekked for four days through the mountains of Chiapas so he could be trained at Global Advance’s Frontline Pastor’s Conference. I wondered if Pastor Javier perhaps had tanned the hide himself for those moccasins that now were so worn that the soles of his feet were a lot more visible than the soles of the moccasins. I watched Pastor Javier closely over the next few days as he drank in the information in each equipping session.

This was the only direct training for ministry he had ever received, but now, in the fellowship of other pastors, Javier knew he wasn’t alone, and even though his remote village seemed isolated, high up in the mountains, he could go back with renewed strength and clear vision. Pastor Javier’s shoes were worth almost nothing, as far as money is concerned, but it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15