She crawled up beside me with her blanket and snuggled in tight. The cool breeze snuck in through the open windows, a reminder that Fall had arrived. While her daddy and three brothers enjoyed some Sunday afternoon football on TV, she had something else on her mind.

“Mom, you are never going to believe this. I can read this for myself! Listen!”

She plopped my heavy Bible up on her lap and began reading: first slowly and methodically, and then with building excitement as word after word jumped off of the page and suddenly came alive.

I have prayed for this day…

The day when my girl’s desire for the things of God was more than just an extension of my own faith. On this day she ran to God’s Word - not initiated by her mama’s prompting - but because of a transformation that God has begun in her heart.

My mom modeled Jesus’ sacrificial love to me, and now I have the privilege of training up this seven year old girl to know and love this Jesus who has so radically changed my life. It’s no small order and I could never do it perfectly, but that won’t stop me. Why? Because Jesus is better than anything else I have to offer her. 

As I sat in the comfort of my living room that afternoon listening to the passion in my daughter’s voice, I thought of little girls all around the world who don’t have this privilege.

Maybe their homes aren’t safe havens where the name of Jesus can be freely spoken.

Maybe God’s Word isn’t easily accessible in their language… their town… their nation.

Maybe their mamas never had someone model Jesus to them.

Maybe they don’t have a mama they can snuggle up next to when the cool air blows in.


I pray for the day when girls everywhere know their true value, worth, and identity in Christ. When they can lift their voices confidently and without reservation, proclaim that He is their God. When the older are equipped to teach the younger, and when the younger are empowered to boldly carry the torch that lit the fire in them to a lost and dying world. When women know without a doubt that Jesus is more than enough, no matter where they live or what life circumstances have thrown their way.

The world is a big place and this is no small order, but that can’t stop us. 

With the power of God behind us, He has called us to go and make disciples of all nations. There is a new generation that needs to hear - little girls across the globe with unique dreams and passions all their own - and their mamas too. Answering the call to live out the Great Commission starts in my living room, but it doesn’t stop there. 

We’ve been given much, and it can’t stop there.

What an honor it is to partner with Global Advance to place a vision in the hearts and tools into the hands of women who can reach those around them with those beautiful words, life-giving words…

Jesus is better. 



The Esther Initiative seeks to instill the vision, strategy, and resources necessary to empower women to effectively impact their generation for Christ.