Deeper Into Burma (A Rare Opportunity to Reach the Oppressed)

Jamie is an onsite Alpha Relief partner working along the Burma border. She offers hope to thousands of impoverished orphans and families living under the oppression of the Burmese army. Her heart’s greatest desire is to pioneer new areas of the war-torn country and reach displaced villagers with the love of Christ. But the ministry is opposed by the Burmese government, requiring Jamie to operate in secret. Even with the hurdles she faces, many are finding hope in Jesus for the first time.

An opportunity recently arose to venture deeper into Burma than she had ever been before. The covert mission included a rare visit to a special site where orphaned children from the war have found refuge. Normally, the 160 children from the camp hike many hours through landmine infested jungle to reach Jamie at the Thailand border. Sometimes hiding in caves to avoid detection, Jamie disciples the children, then offers food and other living resources for their journey home and the month ahead.

The potential danger for Jamie to bring aid directly to the camp was high, requiring ten local freedom fighters to escort her and a small ministry team from the border. The area is under constant threat and the children have been attacked before by the Burmese army. Most escaped into the jungle but were traumatized as they stayed hidden for more then two days and nights without food. 

Thankfully, Jamie arrived without incident and spent two days ministering to the camp children and local village families. Special gatherings were held in the evening for worship, prayer and teaching, allowing many to come to Christ for the first time. Jamie described the danger she felt in the midst of the celebration. “Dogs would start frantically barking in the middle of the night causing me to wonder if the army was nearby. Two freedom fighters remained stationed outside our hut as our team attempted to sleep on the bamboo floor.” The Lord protected her, and Jamie now feels as though she has a deeper empathy for the daily fear the kids experience.

Ne La Uu (orphan boy): “I like living here as we have enough food. I became a Christian two years ago when I met one of your teams. I am very, very happy that you came to Burma to see us. I am still reading the Bible you gave me two years ago, and I am learning a lot about Jesus. Five years ago, the Burmese Army came and oppressed us and fought us. They were shooting guns around us. We ran very fast and we hid under tarps in the jungle. I was very scared. Last year they came again. I am so happy that you came and visited us here, and I hope you can visit us again in the future.”


Jamie will be visiting this special camp again and has asked for our help in continuing her mission to bring the light of Jesus where it’s needed most. Would you join this unique opportunity to offer the emergency resources and discipleship these precious children so desperately need? $25 can feed an orphan for a month. $100 can provide twenty Burmese children’s Bibles. $1000 can ensure proper shelter and other essential living supplies are available.