As militants stormed their small Syrian city, Bahira and her family did the only thing they could...flee. Finding refuge outside of Damascus, the hurting family took up shelter in an unfinished building with a simple roof over their heads. There were no walls, no electricity, and no water. It was a shack by all definition, but at least for the time begin, they were safe from ISIS.

Bahira's husband, Kareef, grew sick and was unable to look for work to support his family. She did all she could, but jobs for hurting refugees were scarce with the influx of so many displaced people. Many days, her children (ages 5, 8, and 15) were forced to beg on the streets to pay for food. If poverty weren't threat enough, winter arrived strongly in the region. 

But all was not lost. Bahira learned of a church nearby that was helping refugees. Pastor Sami is a partner with Alpha Relief doing everything in his power to offer hope to hurting Christian families, as well as Muslim families in desperate need of the love of Christ.  

Because of your support, this family, and many others, now receive monthly food aid. In gratitude, Bahira comes to the church faithfully and offers to help wherever she might be needed. Risking a great deal, she recently told the pastor, "You are better than my own Muslim people, for you stood by us in our hour of need." (This is said often by war refugees in Syria because Muslims are taught from childhood that Christians are their enemies. They are amazed that their enemies are so kind to them.)

What an incredible opportunity to show the beauty and light of Jesus Christ! Although hundreds of families near Sami’s church have endured incredible pain and suffering at the hands of ISIS, they have not been forgotten. The LORD is an ever present help in their time of trouble. Bahira knows this first hand.

Thank you for joining Jesus’ rescue story in the lives of these precious people!!