A horde of police officers and government officials poured into the village under cover of darkness. Their mission:  to harass and threaten a small group of Chinese Christians with severe punishment if they ever opened their homes to an undercover missionary again. 

Earlier that day, Pastor Fang (an undercover pastor partnering with Alpha Relief) and his Chinese team of missionaries stopped to visit the small rural tribe and offer discipleship to the growing number of believers in the community. That evening, the team held meetings to share the gospel and encourage other seekers in the village.  As usual, God’s presence was tangible as He drew new hearts into His Kingdom. 

The raid and persecution by the local authorities brought fear and confusion to the new followers of Jesus. As simple farmers, they didn’t understand how to stand up for themselves and fight the oppression. They felt the love of God and responded to the gospel, and many saw healing and deliverance through the power of Jesus’ name. "How could something so good be so wrong,” they wondered? 

Sadly, some succumbed to the government’s intimidation and renounced their faith, unable to withstand the persecution. 

Most of us understand that we are in a very real spiritual battle. This Chinese community, called the "A-Che,” worshiped spirits and idols for thousands of years. The enemy is not giving up easily, but through your support of Pastor Fang and his small missionary team, the light of Christ is pushing back against the darkness. Thank you for joining the story to rescue the hearts of these precious people.