When most of us hear about North Koreans making dangerous escape attempts into China, we tend to picture adults. Believe it or not, many children are among those desperately trying to escape the rampant malnutrition and poverty in their home country. 

Chloe and Harmony are two North Korean children I met whose story is especially powerful. The elementary age girls managed to successfully escape with their mother. Terrified, the small family spent months in hiding, avoiding bounty hunters. Despite their best effort, secret police discovered the girls' mother and forced her back to North Korea in chains. A labor camp sentence awaited her. Chloe and Harmony managed to stay hidden during the arrest, but were left alone and hopeless in a scary foreign country.

Through God's incredible intervention Mary, an on-site Alpha Relief partner, discovered Chloe and Harmony and brought them back to her small house. Mary's home is part of a growing network of safe houses run by friends of Alpha Relief who are fighting to keep North Koreans protected. 

Mary and her family raised the girls as their own, teaching them about Jesus. Using her influence with local teachers, Mary was even able to gain for the girls access to the city's school system for education. Things seemed to be going well and they dared to believe a hopeful future might be attainable.  

Then, just before I was scheduled to make a visit to meet the girls, Mary notified us that officials were investigating the schools to flush out illegal North Korean children. She knew of friends who had means to provide Chinese identification for both girls but the process was complicated, requiring money and favor from the right people.



When I met with Mary and the girls in the back room of a local restaurant, I knew we had been drawn into their tale through God's amazing heart for rescue.  I had in my backpack enough money to ensure the girls' official identification. Through incredible support of heroes just like you, Chloe and Harmony are now Chinese citizens and their future looks incredibly bright. 

Thank you for being a part of the endeavor to bring light into the darkest places around the world. There are still many who are waiting for freedom and Chloe and Harmony's mother is among them. Would you join us in continuing the effort to offer hope in Jesus to those who have none? 

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