"Blessed are those who keep his statutes 

and seek him with all their heart..." 

~ Psalm 119:2

They came, and didn't stop coming.

Some from across town, and others on buses and planes that traveled for hours and hours across borders in the blazing sun. Hundreds of women from Nicaragua and beyond gathered together under one roof to worship and be filled with life-giving truths breathed straight from God through his Word. This is just a glimpse of what Global Advance does all around the world.

I embraced women who arrived with joyful confidence. But I was mostly drawn to kneel and hold hands with those who came broken with heads held low.

Too ashamed to make eye contact. 

Weighed down by burdens too great to speak of in public.

Souls parched, longing to be rescued from the drought that had robbed them of real living for far too long.

They came because they were thirsty.

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters..." ~ Isaiah 55:1

But they didn't leave that way. 

Session after session…

God's Word revealed  Jesus and the salvation he offers to sin-sick souls.

God's Word refreshed, bringing hope into desperate places.

God's Word reminded that this world is temporary, and that God's good plan will ultimately prevail.

God's Word restored, mending broken hearts and filling empty spaces as grace fell like rain.

How do I know?

Eyes were lifted.

Countenances changed.

Voices responded in praise to our great God. 

With tears in my eyes, I stood and took it all in. Nations sang in chorus, unashamedly lifting the name of Jesus high with one voice, and I was sure that God was allowing me a little glimpse of heaven in that moment.

God's Word: An invitation for the thirsty. A refuge for the weary. A reminder of our great need that points to an even greater Savior.

"I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your Word." 

~ Psalm 119:16

Global Advance is boldly moving forward with the Esther Initiative because we believe that God has called us to empower women to realize their place and potential in the Great Commission. Women are thirsty for change in their own lives and are positioned for incredible influence that inspires change in a hurting world around them. 

But sometimes they don’t know where to begin.


The Esther Initiative comes alongside indigenous women leaders all around the world through conferences, mentor-led leadership training, and foundational discipleship resources. Vision, strategy and tools are instilled, empowering women to effectively impact their generation for Christ - one woman at a time.

The need is great and the time is now.

The Esther Initiative:

An invitation for the thirsty.

A refuge for the weary.

A reminder of our great need that points to an even greater Savior.

Won’t YOU lock arms with us to further the Great Commission through the Esther Initiative today?

Thank you, Jesus, for sending the rain…

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