The Cost of Following Jesus in Indonesia

Kuwat knelt in his prison room feeling his face begin to swell and his lips crack from the beating he’d just endured. This was not the first time he’d tasted his own blood for being a follower of Christ, but it was the first time he’d been beaten by someone he knew … his own family. 

Kuwat had grown up a Muslim in Indonesia. As a young man he committed himself to Islamic studies and moved away from his family to a larger city to pursue a university program. During that time he met a missionary couple, heard the Gospel, and began to follow Jesus. 

Eager to share the truth he’d discovered with other young Muslims, Kuwat began to talk about his new faith in the hostel where he was staying. That night, some of his roommates woke him with their fists, mercilessly beating him for his conversion. It was then that he began to understand the price of his transformation.

But he couldn’t fathom what would happen next. An urgent phone call revealed that his mother had suffered a heart attack. Kuwat made the long journey back as quickly as he could,  but was shocked at what he found. His mother was alive and healthy. Many of Kuwat's older relatives and some of the local mosque leaders had gathered for his arrival. It was a trap.

Kuwat's family had learned of his new faith and tricked him into returning home. When he refused to deny his belief in Jesus, he was severely beaten and locked in a room inside his parents' home, which would serve as his cell. As the days and months passed, the beatings and threats continued. His aunt attempted to poison him and his uncle suggested they cut him up and throw his body parts in the nearby river. Miraculously, his life was spared, but he felt like little more than an animal. 

Then an opportunity suddenly arose for escape. While his family was away, Kuwat managed to slip out of the house with a few possessions and buy a bus ticket. But his flight for freedom did not go unnoticed and before he could board an outbound bus, four men from his village grabbed him and attempted to drag him back home. Kuwat did the only thing he could ... he shouted at the top of his lungs, drawing the attention of nearby police. The confused abductors released him as the officers came running, giving Kuwat just enough time to slip on the bus as it was departing. 

When Kuwat finally arrived at the home of the missionaries who led him to Christ, he was exhausted, empty-handed, and in desperate need. Your support provided this brave convert shelter, basic living resources, and most of all hope for the future. He is now working alongside the missionary family discipling other young Muslim converts in their new relationship with Jesus!

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