As the early morning sun splashed the path where I walked and prayed, a quiet confidence met my expectant heart. I was moments away from convening frontline leaders from the urban and rural villages that cover the landscape around the Sichuan Provence of China. While I prayed and prepared to train church planters to plow the soil and gather a harvest of souls, peasant workers worked their own gardens nearby.

The work of training frontline leaders is a value proposition with a great return on the investment. Fewer resources are needed when we train indigenous leaders who are culturally prepared and ready to reach their own people.  In every nation, God has leaders strategically placed; however, they are under-resourced and many times discouraged. Over 90% of all frontline pastors have no formal training and very few tools. Being able to equip these church planters means that local churches have a great potential for success, which means healthier churches and a transformed society.  We must consider the strategic value for intentional global impact by investing in training these indigenous pastors.


Working with these spiritually hungry and passionate leaders from China was glorious. We worshiped together, ate together and pressed into God’s word for its brilliant light to illuminate our way forward. Each leader was trained and equipped with the tools that we provided for them, which will enabled them to plant a church to further the Great Commission. We are working with local pastors to form a strategic strategy to help plant new churches in China among unreached and unengaged people. Current research shows that with increasing global population, an estimated 5 million new churches are needed in the next 5 to 10 years just to keep pace. A primary goal of the Great Commission should be a church for every people.  That becomes the base for getting the Gospel to every person. Until every unreached group of people on the earth has heard the Gospel, our task is not complete.


As we commissioned and prayed for each leader, the power of God filled the room. Many of the leaders experienced healing, while others received courage and fresh confidence for the difficult labor that awaits them. Over the next few years, Global Advance will be serving many frontline leaders in China to help them further the purpose of God in the earth. Your prayers and financial support of Global Advance helps aid these frontline leaders with fresh vision for their work, and with the tools they need to grow healthy churches. With your help, we are lighting the nations by planting churches in the darkest places on earth.

A Co-Laborer for Christ, Ken Janke

Director of Programs and Partnerships, Global Advance