Elias had no reason to have hope. His family is among the thousands who fled from the Syrian civil war to a border country. Before escaping their home city, the family had been trapped in a war zone, cut off from supplies, forced to eat leaves, twigs, and grass to survive. Elias had to endure the pain of watching his oldest son killed in front of him by bomb shrapnel. Though they are now far from ISIS’s continued devastation inside Syria, the family still must endure life in a refugee camp where food, medicine, and other critical resources are severely limited.

With all this stacked against him, Elias does have hope. So where could it possibly come from?

Abram and Siri are friends of Alpha Relief who answered God’s call to be underground missionaries inside the refugee camp to which Elias fled.  Elias’s entire family was overwhelmed when the missionary couple came to their tent offering food and other relief aid. Although sharing Jesus is forbidden in the camp, and severely punished if discovered, Elias listened intently as Abram and Siri spoke about Christ. The missionary couple prayed for Elias’s youngest son Joram who had been diagnosed with leukemia in Syria, and committed to bring the boy to a local doctor. This unprecedented act of kindness, in an environment where professional medical care is almost non-existent, began to open the family’s hearts. What happened next would truly transform them.

On their way to an appointment with the doctor, Elias told Abram that, although it was against everything Islam had taught, he believed the missionary’s prayers to Jesus on behalf of Joram had been answered (Matthew 21:22). In the doctor’s office, the group listened overjoyed as their beliefs were confirmed. The test results were negative. The cancer was gone. Elias now knew the truth. Jesus was the Savior and He had miraculously healed his son.

Shortly after the miracle, Elias’s entire family gave their lives to the Lord. They were the first-fruits of a secret movement, even now spreading through the refugee camp. The risk of persecution still exists, but our Heavenly Father continues to open doors through relief aid and medical care, offering Abram and Siri access to a seemingly countless number of Muslim refugees who are hungry and thirsty for the Truth. Joram’s story of miraculous healing continues to draw those in need of hope who live in Elias’s community and the family is now working alongside Abram and Siri as underground small group planters in the refugee camp. There truly is reason to celebrate.

Friends, would you join us in continuing to pray and support Elias, Abram, and Siri? Pray that many Muslim refugees around these brave underground church planters see the love we as fellow Christians are offering. Pray it prepares them for their own miracles, drawing them out of darkness into the marvelous light of Jesus. 

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