When Ezekiel accepted a New Testament, he had no idea how much his life was about to change. The young man had grown up in Northern Africa in a family who faithfully practiced Islam. At age 23, he could already recite the entire Qur’an by heart. But after spending six months comparing the Qur’an to the New Testament and fighting an internal spiritual battle, Ezekiel finally accepted Jesus as LORD and was baptized.

When his family discovered that he owned a New Testament, Ezekiel’s father and brothers forcibly tied his hands and took him to a nearby mosque. There, they beat him mercilessly. The men left him bloodied and near death as they departed to observe their ritualistic Islamic prayers. Miraculously, the rope that bound Ezekiel’s hands suddenly loosened, enabling him to escape before his father and brothers could finish praying and return. His getaway was short-lived and by morning his family had found him. Once again they angrily beat him, this time dropping him off at the local police station to be tried as a criminal.

When the law enforcement personnel discovered the New Testament Ezekiel had retrieved and placed in his handbag as he was fleeing, they proceeded to insult, beat, and finally imprison him. Four long months Ezekiel remained in a cell. When a judge finally issued his release, his parents and brothers paid a mercenary to attack him. Thankfully, he was alerted about the hit man’s imminent arrival, allowing him time to escape.

Knowing he was no longer safe in his home city, the young Christian kept on the run, Without money for food or shelter, he resorted to sleeping on the roadside and under abandoned buildings. He had read the verse before, but he now felt a deeper understanding of his Savior’s words; “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head” (Luke 9:58).

It was during this period of trial that God began to reveal His plan for Ezekiel'slife. By incredible grace, he was connected with an Alpha Relief sponsored covert missionary school. The school was filled with many young students who had stories similar to his. For the first time, Ezekiel felt strengthened and supported in his new faith. As his graduation drew near, he knew he wanted to build a similar community for others just like himself who needed to know the truth as well as receive encouragement for the persecution they would most certainly face

Through your incredible support, Ezekiel is now an undercover church planter and evangelist in a North African community where more than 200,000 people live. Seventy percent are following Islam. With the Lord’s help, Ezekiel has already led four Muslims to Christ. He confesses that he wishes the numbers were larger.  Even so, he is deeply committed to his mission and his small church will only grow with those being led out of the darkness.

If Ezekiel’s story has impacted you, would you consider sponsoring his outreach, as well as the outreach of others just like him, invading the darkest places on earth with the light of Christ? Imagine what Ezekiel could do if he had Bibles and the financial stability to devote more time to sharing the good news and discipling believers who are young in their faith.