Europe is changing before our very eyes. Amidst the beautiful steeples and quaint homes of Germany is a culture that is struggling to find its identity. Hundreds of years ago this land produced great giants of the Christian faith that still echo truths to our generation. What would Martin Luther, Nicholas Von Zinzendorf, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer think of today?
The horrific events of the holocaust still haunt modern day Germany. Germany along with all of Europe is in a complete post-Christian era. Secular humanism reigns supreme in the mindsets of the majority. It is estimated that less than 2% of Germany are evangelical “born again” Christians. By global missions standards that qualifies as an “Unreached People Group”. 
Now Germany and much of Europe face perhaps the greatest crisis since World War II. The influx of millions of refugees from Syria and other parts of the Middle East. The macro impact of these culminating events will play out over the next decade.
Germany is ripe for a move of God. People are desperate for hope. Secular humanism presents no answer for today’s complex problems. Christ is the hope of Germany.  
Global Advance has been engaging Germany since 2009. We have partnered with our friends at European Initiative. Together nine different German based organizations and networks have combined forces to engage Marketplace Leaders to become transformational.  
I’m grateful that God has used Global Advance to be a catalyst for these groups to link up. Christian business owners and leaders convened from all parts of Germany to Essen to be a part of our Business Transforum Conference. They were challenged with Biblical mandates and practical helps to become transformational leaders in the marketplace.  
This was our fourth Business Transforum and most impactful to date. Person after person came to me with tears, hugged me, and thanked me for touching their heart and for touching their beloved nation. It is God who reached down to rekindle the fire of salvation, reigniting vision and hope in these precious people.
Most of Global Advance’s work occurs in developing countries. However, the spiritual hunger level among the German people ranks towards the top of any nation I’ve encountered. I want to thank our friends who pray for Global Advance and support the ministry to make victories like this possible.