Newfound Faith in North Korea

For years Grandma Kim* has been making the harrowing journey. Her friend with a truck and a export license lets her ride shotgun as they crawl slowly across the single-lane bridge spanning the river that divides light from darkness. The back is loaded with rice, toiletries, medicine, and other life-saving items for Christians in North Korea. Approaching the checkpoint on the far side, they hold their breaths. Grandma Kim whispers a prayer. Papers are inspected and they’re waved through. They begin a meandering journey through deserted streets to ensure they’re not followed.

Representative photo

Representative photo


Grandma Kim regularly makes the journey to deliver supplies to underground Christian communities in North Korea, which for years has been identified as the hardest place on Earth to be a Christian. The meet up is extremely dangerous for everyone involved, but the supplies provided are saving lives. The Christian community also uses the gifts to care for street children and their neighbors.

Hyunsook* had been receiving gifts of rice from her neighbor from time to time, always with a hug and a word of encouragement. Her family desperately needed the help, so she never asked where the extra food came from - it would be foolish and dangerous to pry. Then Hyunsook’s neighbor asked her to come over one day. “Grandma Kim is coming with the rice,” she was told excitedly, “I want you to meet her!”

Curious to know more about this Grandma Kim who risked her life to help them, Hyunsook went to meet her. Grandma Kim warmly shared the truth of the gospel with Hyunsook, and led her to faith in Christ.

Hyunsook’s newfound freedom in Christ took years of faithfulness, incredible risk, and patient endurance on the part of the frontline leaders working to reach North Korea with the hope of the gospel. It also took the generosity of Global Advance partners to provide emergency relief supplies through the Alpha Relief initiative to empower Grandma Kim in her work. But so much greater is the value of welcoming even one new sister in Christ from North Korea!