We're coming up on one year since we first shared a unique and powerful opportunity for you to give both water and the gospel to the unreached in Pakistan.

It has been a bold undertaking to reach these villages, to say the least.

When local missionaries ran into opposition from village elders, they reached out to Global Advance in compassion to provide what was needed most:

Clean water.

Wells would need to be dug. Funds would need to be raised. Hearts would need to be softened.

We asked.

You responded.

And God moved in ways far beyond what we could have ever dreamed or imagined.

One year later - just last week - in a dusty town in south-central Pakistan, villagers gathered in curiosity...

The crowd grew as dusk settled and a man stood to speak. As he shared the story of the first Christmas in Bethlehem, it was clear that those gathered around him could relate to the characters in the narrative. Marginalized, poor, relegated to the outskirts of society - over 2000 years after the fact, this was their first Christmas.

The doorway to this first-ever Christmas celebration was opened by the generous supporters of the Alpha Relief initiative. Months back, a water well was installed, bringing clean drinking water to the community. Local missionaries supported by Alpha Relief continued to follow up, and a small church community began meeting together.

Thank you. You gave the gift of the gospel - Living Water for Pakistan - and all of heaven rejoices.

JOY TO THE WORLD, the Lord is come. We’re thrilled to celebrate the birth of Christ with our new brothers and sisters as they share their newfound joy with their friends and neighbors!