Recognizing our need for Christ on World Water Day

I think one of the most iconic stories in Scripture is Jesus' interaction with the Samaritan woman at the well, where Jesus set up this divine outreach to the outcast of outcasts. A woman who had failed to measure up to society's expectations met him there at this encounter centered around water, and received the invitation to drink of the Water of Life.

It's no wonder Jesus likened his Spirit to water, which is second only to the air we breathe in the immediacy of our need for it. Around the world, water is the great equalizer. March 22, 2018 is the United Nations World Water Day. From Flint, Michigan to Cape Town, South Africa, to our water well projects in Pakistan, there is a certain humbling that occurs when we recognize our common need and frailty. Unmistakably, we recognize the parallel truth of our equalizing need for Christ, his cleansing of our souls, and our daily desperation for his presence.

This is why Global Advance is tenaciously Gospel-focused in our compassion ministries through the Alpha Relief Initiative in places like rural Pakistan, where dirty water makes kids sick. They need clean accessible water, so drilling a well and installing a hand pump is basic. But Jesus showed that thirst runs deeper, and they have been drinking from dirty spiritual water for far too long. In every village where a well is drilled we also ensure the Gospel is preached, and local missionaries are equipped to disciple new believers and plant churches. This is the tapping of a spiritual well of living water in a place it's never even rained.

Global Advance's monthly giving options makes it easy for you to give both water and the Gospel to the unreached in Pakistan:

  • $100 per month resources a local missionary in Pakistan to share the Gospel
  • $75 per month drills a well to provide clean water for an entire village
  • $50 per month provides Bibles for villagers who have responded and given their lives to Christ