The reason for persecution, then, is that people keep finding Jesus—and, then, they refuse to keep Him to themselves.
— Nik Ripken, The Insanity of God: A True Story of Faith Resurrected

To write about Christian persecution is a challenging proposition. It is a global epidemic and a mainstay of history, as repeated studies have shown Christians to be the most persecuted group worldwide, year after year. Yet Jesus warned his disciples to expect it, and Peter instructed the church not to be surprised at it “as though something strange were happening,” (1 Peter 4:12).

Open Doors USA

Open Doors USA

Global Advance has already committed training and support for church leaders in 18 of the top 50 most-persecuted nations (assessed by Open Doors USA in their annual World Watch List), including direct rescue and relief for persecuted believers through the Alpha Relief initiative. Our commitment to, and involvement with, local churches in these nations bring the challenges of serving Christ under persecution front and center.

When we as believers encounter personal, heartbreaking stories of our brothers and sisters under fire, we wrestle to reconcile the tragic realities of persecution with the knowledge that it is wrapped up in the all encompassing love and sovereignty of God.

Recently, Global Advance received word of a new family in the faith from rural Pakistan. They received Christ last summer through the efforts of local missionaries and church planters we’ve been working with in the area. After committing to Christ they started receiving threats, but they stood firm in their new faith.

Sadly, last week their home was burned to the ground and their daughter Sundari was trapped inside. She was only nine.


We reached out to assess how to we could best help in this situation. Should we relocate them? Could we find them lodging in the city? In amazing faith, they are committed to stay, rebuild, and proclaim the hope of the gospel, and in it their testimony to God’s goodness in the midst of tragedy. Global Advance has committed to help them reestablish and refurnish their home in the village. Continued pastoral care will be provided and we are believing the church in this village will flourish as a result of their faith.

Please consider giving a gift to help care for Sundari’s family. As always, thank you for your partnership with Global Advance.