God Breaks Through Barriers in Loni, India


The state of Uttar Pradesh lives under a radical Hindu priest as its Chief Minister, appointed by the Hindu ruling government. Christ followers in this state have experienced more persecution in the last year than any other state in India. Uttar Pradesh has one of the largest concentrations of unreached people groups in the region. For this reason, Global Advance International Coordinators have been strategically training native leaders for tribal, rural, and urban church planting.

Loni, a primitive town with nearly 50 villages and a population of over fifty thousand people, is just a two hour drive from New Delhi, the capital city. One of our International Coordinators has been engaged in evangelism and community transformation initiatives for over two decades in this little town amidst great opposition and challenges. Christian missionaries have been under great threat for their very lives. In spite of various attacks, our leaders faithfully continue the work. As a result, earlier this month, Global Advance hosted the first ever Frontline Pastors Conference in Loni with 125 pastors and their wives. The atmosphere during the entire conference was one of great joy and celebration. Joyful, not only for the opportunity to receive high quality training and resources, but also for the opportunity to come together under one roof for the first time as leaders of the churches in Loni. Celebratory, to know that the church in Loni is growing and to know they are part of a wider and bigger community of believers. Our conference has provided a platform for unity and support for these leaders as they return to their villages and serve under great persecution and trials. 


 Here is what excites me about this training event…

114 leaders have committed to daily personal time with God in prayer and study of the Word; 64 leaders have committed to plant at least one new church among unreached people groups of Uttar Pradesh; 10 leaders have responded to the call for cross cultural mission work.

This commissioning was a solemn and reverential time before God and the witness of His people. God is breaking through barriers in Loni, Uttar Pradesh.


While encouraging and equipping are major focuses of our trainings, the distinct outcome is always the exponential church planting movements birthed as a result. The uniqueness of these new church plants as a result of our training is that they are evangelistic in nature. A tragedy of today’s missions’ paradigms is the focus on church planting and acts of service with a neglect of verbal witness of the good news of Jesus Christ. We praise God for the vision of Global Advance to bring a passion for evangelism that would result in the planting of new churches.

From its inception, Global Advance has invested heavily in equipping, training, and resourcing frontline leaders to reach unreached people groups and to plant new churches in Asia. I am thrilled to see a kingdom coalition consisting of high capacity leaders from across seven South Asian nations: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Together, we are working in the unity of the body of Christ to see 15,000 new churches planted among unreached communities.

We need your prayers and support; what we are attempting through building a regional kingdom coalition has been never done in our history of Asian missions. We need prayers to overcome the hurdles of cultural, denominational, and world view differences. We are beginning to see God breaking through the barriers and uniting national teams in each of these nations to birth something in our church history that “no eyes have ever seen; no ears have ever heard.”


Join the Global Advance force in Asia and become part of making history as we work to fulfill the Great Commission.


In His Team,

Pastor James Chacko, Ph.D.

Global Advance Field Director to South Asia