The Church Without Walls: Cultivating a Kingdom Business Network

One of the greatest transformational movements in modern missions has been the cultivation of marketplace ministry. Marketplace leaders are business professionals who add value in their nations by creating jobs, bringing salt and light to the workplace, and raising a standard of righteousness and integrity in the market. This movement represents a growing intentionality in the global Church to fully integrate business leaders in the marketplace with the biblical mandate to take the whole gospel to the whole world. 

At Global Advance, we have been working to establish Kingdom Business Networks in key cities around the world. A Kingdom Business Network (KBN) is a collaborative enterprise managed by godly leaders who use their time, talent, and resources to meet the spiritual and/or physical needs of the community around them to advance God’s purposes. A KBN is a door into the marketplace for the gospel’s advance. Through business we can intentionally tackle poverty, increase quality of life, bring positive social change, and as business leaders we carry with us the message of eternal life.


For three years, Global Advance has been working in Croatia to create a KBN that would be led and sustained by national leaders. Croatia has a small but complex business culture. Despite progress in economic reforms, challenges remain. These include non-transparent bureaucracy, the country's relatively high cost of living, and both real and perceived issues of corruption. By training and equipping Christian marketplace leaders, we are helping to transform the market. We are teaching business leaders to run their businesses according to biblical principles, to occupy their places of influence, and to work together to strengthen the market. The KBN helps equip business leaders to become faithful in their callings, and to together steward their resources to bring the shalom of God to others. 

One of the Croatian business leaders that we have worked with for three years told us, “As an entrepreneur, I appreciate Global Advance’s investment in the Croatian business market. For some business owners, Global Advance was their first introduction to learning the great news that God can use them in the marketplace. Now we know that it’s God's will for every person to use their talents in the marketplace for the glory of God. This message is very important for me and for other people in our network. Thank you for everything you are doing here.” - Dajana (Croatia KBN Coordinator) 


Our KBNs are providing practical and spiritual support for business people to learn biblical business principals. Our KBNs are growing. The measurement of success in reaching a city and its nation is the empowerment of all of its leaders seeing their work as sacred and understanding that their work has the potential to expand the Kingdom of God.  


When marketplace leaders begin to mobilize together to serve the market and to strengthen one another to be God’s servants in their businesses, a Church without walls begins to form. The marketplace that was once a sleeping giant is now partnering with the Church to help her people step into their kingdom assignments. Your partnership with Global Advance is helping form Kingdom Business Networks that help leaders create healthy and sustainable businesses. Together, we are helping business people integrate their faith into their lives, their business practices, and the mission of their business.

 - Pastor Ken