Dear Friend,

How has the Gospel impacted you?  This month we join the Body of Christ worldwide in reflecting on the sacrifice and the triumph of our Lord Jesus.   

In 27 years of Global Advance, we’ve never seen harvest and opportunity for people to respond to the Gospel like we are seeing now.  But also we’ve never seen resistance like we’re experiencing.  The Bible tells us that “we do not wrestle with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers” (Ephesians 6:12).

We’re asking for your prayers.   God has called us to step out in faith to begin a massive Kingdom advance into the SAARC nations: Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal and Maldives.  These countries are home to unreached peoples, hostility towards the Gospel and great financial and logistical challenges.  But they also represent a massive harvest potential of people who are desperate to hear the Good News of Jesus. 

Mere religion devoid of the love of God will always turn brutal.   Ideologies that are weak at the core often resort to violence for their propagation.  The Gospel is the Good News of life and peace.   This Easter our prayer is that the Gospel will captivate your heart once again and that the Gospel will be propelled throughout South Asia and the world.   

The opportunity lies before us and the groundwork has been laid.  We have a plan and we’ve already begun to equip many frontline pastors and church planters.  These courageous leaders are committed to planting 10,000 new churches among the SAARC nations!  Additionally, Global Advance will supply them with resources and training for women, marketplace leaders and young people in this region.

We need your help!   This is a costly venture.  Many of the workers we partner with are putting their lives and safety on the line.   They need your prayers.   

And it’s a costly venture in monetary terms.  We urgently need $250,000 by May to continue to go forward with this work. There is no greater strategic impact for the advance of the Gospel than helping to supply Kingdom workers who are penetrating unreached regions of the world.  



Would you prayerfully consider a special gift during this resurrection season towards Global Advance’s South Asia initiative?  The Lord takes note and will reward you with eternal blessing.  

Some generous friends have come together to match your giving through May up to $75,000! This is a prime opportunity for your giving to have maximum impact.  

A gift of $2500 will support a church planter, $500 will provide resources for 50 leaders, and your gift of $50 will provide desperately needed training for a frontline pastor.  A gift of whatever amount The Lord puts on your heart will make a big difference.

This Easter may the Gospel once again flood your soul with the joy of salvation. Thank you for partnering with us to fulfill the Great Commission.

Gratefully commissioned,

Jonathan and David Shibley