Pressing Forward in Great Faith: The Esther Initiative Launches in Bhutan


We first met YC* at our Global Advance Frontline Pastors Training Conference in the small and beautiful nation of Bhutan. Bhutan is nestled in between China and India in the eastern Himalaya mountains, and is categorized among the least reached people groups with less than 2% of their population identified as Christ followers.

Living under a Buddhistic dynasty, local pastors face persecution and social ostracism, and are mostly severely limited in their gatherings in this restricted access nation.

In spite of these challenges, God is raising up passionate frontline leaders in Bhutan who are pressing forward in great faith.

When YC was a young girl, her family planted a church in their village. Immediately, they faced intense persecution. But young YC was not deterred from serving her Savior. When she was just seven years old, God led YC to start a Sunday school class for kids her own age. Today, she serves full time in their growing church network, and is part of an influential leadership program in her nation. 

God has placed the same dream in YC’s heart as that of her mother; to disciple and empower the women of Bhutan to become intercessors and leaders who will impact their families, the marketplace, their communities, and their nation for Christ. Equipped with personalized training through Global Advance’s Esther Initiative Mentoring Track, we partnered with YC and the Global Advance Bhutan national team to host an Esther Initiative training conference in June of this year.

Over 60 women leaders from nine key cities gathered shoulder to shoulder for our first Esther Initiative conference in Bhutan!

Over 60 women leaders from nine key cities gathered shoulder to shoulder for our first Esther Initiative conference in Bhutan!

"The Esther Initiative has just encouraged me so much. Going through the Esther Manual was just so uplifting and encouraging in my personal life, which helped me commit to this national vision of taking the Esther Initiative to every church; to every woman... getting them mentored and coached with what the Word of God says. We were blessed to host the first Esther Initiative conference here in my church, and I was in tears as I was listening to the testimonies. Many of them left so encouraged, and they have been begging me; asking me when the next Esther Initiative program will be."
Patricia Stevens - DA74F35E-CCB9-4BE7-B5C7-43B57CFCC568.jpeg

YC’s commitment to raising up modern day Esthers in Bhutan, combined with Global Advance’s practical leader multiplication strategy, is a powerful force for the advance of the gospel in South Asia. From remote villages to large cities, YC is on the move with a vision in her heart and tools in her hands across the borders of the most unreached region of the world. 


Whitney D.



“Whoever hears these sayings of Mine and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock; and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.” (Matthew 7:24–25)
Training Church Planters

Training Church Planters

I once heard someone say, “Always keep the main thing the main thing.” For over 28 years, Global Advance has anchored its focus in the gospel, and has worked to advance the gospel around the world by empowering frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the Bible’s integrating theme. It is the underpinning of all biblical truth. It is the skeletal structure of the Scriptures; the scarlet thread that weaves together God’s story of redemption. Our work of training pastors and leaders on the gospel’s front line is helping to lift the biblical knowledge of many under-served and isolated pastors. Because of your generous support in the work of Global Advance, several things are accomplished:

·      Churches are protected from the spiritual health disaster that otherwise awaits them.

·      Theological and cultural misperceptions of Christianity are corrected.

·      The future leadership of the faith multiplies.

Training Tribal Pastors

Training Tribal Pastors

We must continue to protect the gospel as we train indigenous leaders who are without access to basic, biblical understanding. The apostle Paul’s most stinging rebuke was reserved for those who tampered with the gospel. He wrote, “There are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:7-8) 

Empowering Women to Proclaim the Gospel

Empowering Women to Proclaim the Gospel


We work every day to cultivate relationships with frontline leaders who know the needs in their own spheres of influence and who can create effective solutions to meet those needs. We aim to strengthen our global pipeline to deliver leadership training and to support well-planned, carefully communicated ministry opportunities that can advance the gospel. 

Discipleship on the Front Lines

Discipleship on the Front Lines


“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15, NIV)

We are working with men and women, young and old, to empower a global movement that carries the hope of this gospel to those who have not heard. It is beautiful to see all of God’s creation proclaiming the promise of the gospel’s message. Without question, the glory of God is the highest motive for sharing the gospel, but it is not the only motivation. Reaching people who are lost in every sense of the word - those without Jesus who are headed for an eternity devoid of God, and thus devoid of hope – is an equally valid, biblical motive for evangelism. There is both a vertical motive for evangelism and missions (the glory of God), and a horizontal motive (the lost state of humanity). 

We are to be “making the most of the time because the days are evil” (Eph. 5:16). From an eternal perspective, one of the wisest uses of time – an investment that will yield eternal dividends – is bringing people to personal faith in Christ and challenging others to do the same. The writer of Proverbs counsels us that “he who wins souls is wise” (Prov. 11:30).

All around the world, Global Advance is working to promote the urgency for reaching unbelievers with the gospel. As believers, we can increase our urgency in three ways: 

First, ask God for it.

Second, make evangelism intentional.

Third, see the world through “gospel glasses.” Make the gospel first – first in your loyalties, first in your ministry, first in how you view people, and first in how you view life. 

Training NEXTGEN Leaders

Training NEXTGEN Leaders

You can join with Global Advance in advancing the gospel around the world through your prayers and faithful giving to this kingdom assignment. Thank you for going with us to the nations. Thank you for praying for Global Advance, and thank you for sharing in our collective work to reach others. We are grateful to work with you to advance the purposes of our King.


Pastor Ken

What Does it Take to Transform a Nation?

What Does it Take to Transform a Nation?

In the commissioning of his followers, Jesus made it clear: we are to be nation-disciplers. What an immense privilege – and responsibility – to partner with the Holy Spirit to propel the transforming message of the gospel throughout entire nations and regions! But what does it really take?

Days With David: Downloading A Legacy of Leadership to the Next Generation


"A truly successful life is measured not by its duration but by its direction; not by its parties but by its purpose; not by what was amassed but by what was dispersed; not by the embracing of things but by embracing the One Thing - to love Jesus supremely and to make Him loved by people everywhere. " - David Shibley


In 2000, when Global Advance Founder David Shibley was 50 years old, he sensed a mandate to begin to “give back” in gratitude for all the Lord has allowed him to do. In Dr. Shibley's words, “I felt a distinct call to download to the next generation of ministers the big things in life and ministry the Lord had taught me or is still teaching me.”

From this deeply personal conviction, Days with David was born. 

Days with David is a gathering where Dr. Shibley unpacks his most valuable lessons from over 50 years of vocational ministry. For two days at a time at the Global Advance headquarters, he downloads this rich wisdom with the laser-focused mission of investing in and inspiring emerging young leaders.


The group is purposely kept small; each Days with David session typically hosts between 8 – 12 young leaders. Participants are recommended by pastors of partnering churches with Global Advance, and attendance is by invitation only. The target demographic of this unique offering is young people - usually under the age of 40 - who are specifically called to vocational ministry.

Over 150 young men and women have attended Days with David weekends since they began 18 years ago.

The Days with David training format covers dozens of subjects under three big themes:

  • Starting Well - Foundations

  • Serving Well - Disciplines

  • Finishing Well - Legacy

Sessions are in a dialog format. Although Dr. Shibley covers a defined curriculum of material, participants are encouraged to engage with the teaching throughout the weekend and to approach Dr. Shibley at any time with questions or comments.

The intentional training structure and warm, personal setting allow for just that.

DWD 2014.jpg

"This is one of the most gratifying things I do in ministry. From now until I see Jesus, I want everything I do in ministry to be trans-generational. I leave these weekends mentally exhausted, but very happy and grateful."


Today, a collection of photos line the walls of the Global Advance offices - memories of past Days with David gatherings and the fruitful ministry that has emerged since. Each photo tells a story, packed with beautiful reminders of God's faithfulness in using one man and his bold decision 18 years ago to give back intentionally. Dozens of testimonies have rolled in throughout the years, much like the one participant who, with tears in his eyes, thanked Dr. Shibley saying, “I feel like I just cheated on life. It’s like I just received a 25-year head start!” A walk by the photo collage is an encouragement to press on; to continue investing well and making much of Jesus as long as we have today.

DWD 4.23.17.jpg

Global Advance is engaging the next generation of kingdom leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. They are the current and future leaders of the Church and the key to advancing the gospel in every sphere of culture. Training next generation leaders helps bridge the leadership gap, and ensures a successful leadership handoff. 

Days with David continues to download a legacy of leadership to the next generation because we have been entrusted with the gospel. Consider partnering with us by hosting a future Days with David event.

The first ever  Days with David for Pastors  event was held on August 16, 2018, in Rockwall, Texas.

The first ever Days with David for Pastors event was held on August 16, 2018, in Rockwall, Texas.

DWD Pastors 8.16.18.JPG

Doing What Has Never Been Done: The Global Advance South Asia Coalition

July 2018 Frontline Pastors Conference in Sahiwal, Pakistan

July 2018 Frontline Pastors Conference in Sahiwal, Pakistan

One of the biblical assurances we have before the second coming of our Lord is that there will be a great spiritual harvest. Many people will become followers of Jesus, and there will be a great harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God. The gospel will be preached to every nation, and people will be saved out of every nation or "people group" before the end comes (Matthew 24:14). The book of Revelation tells us about a multitude of people worshipping around the throne from every tribe, language, people, and nation (Revelation 5:9).


What God is doing in the nations of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives through the Global Advance South Asia Coalition is exactly the fulfillment of the above promises. God is enabling our leaders in these nations to present to the Father redeemed people from among 3,218 unreached people groups.


This massive undertaking by Global Advance is something that has never been done in the history of the church in South Asia.


Raising up modern day Esthers in Sikar, India

Raising up modern day Esthers in Sikar, India

What makes this initiative unique is that it is national leaders led, powered by the training and equipping provided by the proven ministry of Global Advance. As a result of the huge investments of finance, Global Ambassadors pouring into the lives of the national leaders, and backed with valuable training resources, today we have the best of the best, top-level national teams collaborating in unity to reach their own nations. This has resulted not only in the development of strategic national strategies, but also a regional Kingdom coalition that is now set in motion to reach over 2 billion people. 

Women leaders sit shoulder to shoulder to receive vital training at our Esther Initiative Conference in Thimphu, Bhutan

Women leaders sit shoulder to shoulder to receive vital training at our Esther Initiative Conference in Thimphu, Bhutan



Some of the challenges and threats we face in this region are radical religious groups persecuting Christians, political instability, corruption, poverty, caste discriminations, natural disasters, population explosion, forced re-conversions, sex trafficking, child labor, civil war, laws to hinder or stop Christian activities, the burning of churches and Christian establishments, imprisonment of pastors on false charges, and threats to our very families and personal lives. Amidst these challenges and more, our leaders in South Asia are laser focused on our vision of planting at least 15,000 new churches within the next five years.


Empowering church planters to fulfill their vision to plant a church in every district of Nepal at our Frontline Pastors Conference in Kathmandu

Empowering church planters to fulfill their vision to plant a church in every district of Nepal at our Frontline Pastors Conference in Kathmandu

Over 600 leaders gathered for our Frontline Pastors Church Planting Conference in Karachi, Pakistan in May 2018

Over 600 leaders gathered for our Frontline Pastors Church Planting Conference in Karachi, Pakistan in May 2018

Prayer is needed for the following nations classified as Restricted Access CountriesAfghanistan and Maldives under Islamic rule, and Bhutan under a Buddhistic dynasty. God is providentially and supernaturally providing creative access to bring the gospel to these nations.

Our second classification of nations is Limited Access Countries: Pakistan and Bangladesh. Both of these nations are Islamic domains. God has made it possible for our leaders and Global Ambassadors to travel to these nations to provide in-country training and equipping to hungry leaders.

Our third category of nations is Cautious Access Countries: India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. India - a predominantly Hindu nation, with the second largest Islamic population in a country - is now leading the way for the world’s fastest church planting movement. God is also raising up key apostolic leaders from this nation to advance the cause of Christ, not only in this region, but throughout the world.

“This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.” - Psalm 118:23

This groundbreaking South Asia Coalition continues to make tremendous gospel advances, but we're not done yet. May Jesus Christ be known, loved, obeyed, and worshipped by every tribe, people, and nation so that the Great Commission becomes the Great Fulfillment! Thank you for your partnership that provides frontline leaders in the toughest parts of the world the vital training and tools needed to impact God's Kingdom for eternity! 


Dr. James Chacko

Field Director, Global Advance South Asia Initiative

Dr. James Chacko and Global Advance team arrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh for a Frontline Pastors Church Planting Conference in July 2018

Dr. James Chacko and Global Advance team arrive in Dhaka, Bangladesh for a Frontline Pastors Church Planting Conference in July 2018

Dr. James Chacko with representatives from the Global Advance Sri Lanka national team

Dr. James Chacko with representatives from the Global Advance Sri Lanka national team

Enlightened Newsletter: A Summer 2018 Update from Global Advance


At Global Advance, we're passionate about telling the inspiring stories of how hope is rising in the hearts of God's people throughout the world as together we carry out the Great Commission. Don't miss our most recent Enlightened Newsletter, where you'll find just that:


  • Learn how God is multiplying our original projections for a higher impact through the Esther Initiative beyond what we could have ever imagined. 


  • Hear testimonies of how our recent Frontline Pastors Conference in Kaduna, Nigeria is making a difference for the advance of the gospel across the Islamic rim of Northern Africa.


  • Read about how our resources go farther when we equip indigenous leaders like Zin from Myanmar through our Alpha Relief Initiative.


  • Review why the marketplace matters, and how YOU can be a part of a move of God through Marketplace Missions!


Click the button below to take a look at the highlights of how your support is impacting lives for the kingdom of God:

Global Advance in Vietnam: Shining the Light of Christ through Marketplace Missions

We are “the light of the world,” said Jesus, like a town on a hill or a lamp on a stand that cannot be hidden and whose light shines in the darkness (Matthew 5:14-16). The marketplace ministry of Global Advance equips business leaders to shine the light of Christ in their spheres of influence.

For more than 10 years Global Advance has engaged with believers in the marketplace of Vietnam. Most of the time they are first-generation Christians. The Holy Spirit has set them ablaze to be His witness in the factories, the board rooms, and the back offices.   

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, bursts with economic progress.

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, bursts with economic progress.



In Hanoi, some estimate that there are only several thousand Christ-followers among a city of millions. On the 72nd floor of the highest building in the city, we sat down with Bernard. “I am the only Christian in the office. People are watching how I deal with stress, family, and temptations. I know God has put me here to be a witness.”  



Lucky, owns a high-end fashion store. He wants to use his influence for the Kingdom..jpg





In Ho Chi Minh we met Lucky, a young owner of a fashion clothing outfit. Together we prayed for God to use Lucky for His glory. “I have a passion to bring young people to Christ and run an excellent business.”   

Lucky owns a high-end fashion store. He wants to use his influence for the Kingdom.

Lucky owns a high-end fashion store. He wants to use his influence for the Kingdom.

Diep owns an audio equipment business in Saigon. Before turning to Christ, she trusted in the hundreds of idols and shrines that lined her office. She struggled with an illness of bleeding, much like the woman in the Bible. That’s when she met our friends from LEC church. The pastor and his wife prayed over Diep and the Lord healed her. From that moment Diep rid her idols and surrendered her life to Jesus. She is now active in helping youth and recovering drug addicts find hope.     

Global Advance has sponsored many Marketplace Leaders Conferences, impacting hundreds of business leaders in Vietnam. A team of 20 businesswomen from the financial district in Taiwan also joined in the marketplace ministry in Hanoi. Seminar topics included Kingdom Entrepreneurship, Dealing with Stress, Building a Kingdom Corporate Culture through Vision and Values, and a call to join in the Kingdom Business Network our Father is building.

IMG_0574 2.jpg
Business women from Taiwan flew to Hanoi to participate in the conference.

Business women from Taiwan flew to Hanoi to participate in the conference.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The harvest field is ripe for souls. Years of war and devastation are being overtaken by investment and growing prosperity as the people are diligently responding to greater market freedoms and opportunities. A great door has opened for the Gospel through "pastors in business" and leaders influencing their businesses and culture through their faith in Christ. Please join us as we continue to pray for and invest in Vietnam and other countries through Marketplace Missions.


Gratefully commissioned,

Jonathan Shibley 


Ti runs a print shop which produces 90% of the Christian literature for Vietnam.

Ti runs a print shop which produces 90% of the Christian literature for Vietnam.

When God Moves in a City...

"But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the LORD on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” - Jeremiah 29:7

Brazil circle.jpg

Our team of seventeen had been preparing for months to train leaders in the city. From a large Esther Initiative conference, to Marketplace Missions workshops, to training in a local social community, there would be many moving parts to our ten days of strategic ministry together. To say that we were fired up to get on the ground and get to work would be an understatement.

But a week before we were set to depart for Porto Alegre, an unexpected truck drivers' strike was paralyzing the nation.

In twenty-four of twenty-six states, trucker roadblocks shut down highways in protest against rising fuel prices that took yet another hit to Brazil's suffering economy. Airport transportation was halted due to lack of fuel. Supermarket shelves became sparse. A massive loss of livestock resulted from lack of animal feed, and procedures in some hospitals were suspended due to lack of medicine. It is estimated that the strike resulted in a loss of over seven billion dollars of economic production over just five days. All the while, tension grew between a frustrated people and its government. 

And so we hit our knees and we prayed.

Our Global Advance international coordinators in Brazil have become more than beloved ministry partners; we have a deep heart connection that truly feels more like family. For the last five years we've dreamed God-sized dreams with them, lifting their arms as together we train leaders and pray for the transformation of their nation. In this time of historic economic crisis, political corruption, crime, and the poverty of millions, we know that the answer for Brazil is Jesus. There's no denying that Brazil's recent challenges have opened the door to bring the hope of Christ to this hurting nation like never before.

We felt strongly that the time to GO was now, and God answered our prayers.

The weekend before we were set to travel the truck drivers' strike was lifted. We were on our way to witness MORE of the powerful move of God in this city...

Brazil prayer.jpg

Three years ago we launched our first Esther Initiative training conference in Porto Alegre. One church was represented and 400 women gathered, hungry to know more of who they are in Christ; to know of their calling and capacity to be used by God to advance the gospel in their city. 

Two years ago the Lord captured the hearts of the Brazil team to help bring unity to the city by inviting multiple churches to our second Esther Initiative conference. South Brazil - with only 11% of its population identified as evangelical Christians - had long been known as the "pastor's graveyard" due to a rejection of the gospel and the disunity of its people. A powerful moment during that conference came when representatives from 26 churches came forwardhumbled themselves, repented, and committed to serving God better together. Over 700 women in one auditorium proclaimed that together their focus is Jesus, the message is the gospel, and their task is the Great Commission.

When God moves in a city, the beauty of multiplication is evident.

Brazil auditorium.jpg

Last month we partnered for our third Esther Initiative conference - this time in a university campus auditorium in order to accommodate the 1,200 women who flocked together from 65 churches! From one to sixty-five churches. Only God!

These women know without a doubt that God has called them to work together to shine His light in their city... for such a time as this.

They joyfully accepted our challenges to recommit to daily time with God, to pursue intentional mentoring relationships, and to boldly step into their calling to reach the unreached in their city and beyond. 

But the impact doesn't stop there. 

In between conferences church leaders have begun meeting monthly to build relationships, pray, and seek the Lord together for the welfare of their city. Their unity and momentum has caught the attention of additional leaders throughout the marketplace, social, and government sectors.

As God continues to move in hearts across Porto Alegre, city leaders are now asking how they can work together.

Brazil hug.jpg

When God moves in a city, it has the potential to transform an entire nation. We believe that in Brazil He is doing just that.

Please PRAY for our additional training conferences in Brazil yet this year: for our large NextGen event that kicks off next week, and for our much longed for Marketplace Missions conference in November. Lord willing, we're already strategizing about how our holistic approach to Global Advance trainings can impact even more cities in Brazil in 2019. 

Brazil congress.jpg

The harvest is plenty, and the workers in Brazil are multiplying thanks to your partnership. Just look at what God is doing around the world as we empower frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission... together. 


The Strategy Behind the Training: Fueling a Church Planting Movement in Siberia

CP Novo-01_2830[2].jpg

Our Global Advance team recently traveled west of the Ural Mountains and across the Siberian plains to a city called Novokuznetsk, carrying with them a passionate commitment to advance the Church in Siberia.

Our mission at Global Advance is to empower frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. Through our relationships in this region, we have been helping to advance the Great Commission through a strategic church planting movement. While most consider Russia to be a Christian country, there are still many people who have never heard the Gospel. In fact, out of the 173 people groups that make up the population of Russia, half of these groups remain unreached. We believe that church planting is one of the greatest ways to measure the advance of the Gospel and the fulfillment of the Great Commission in a nation. 


Russia CPGroup Training[1].jpg

It was amazing to see 150 church planters gathered from many parts of Siberia to receive the three days of training that Global Advance offers at our Church Planting conferences. Leaders are provided a training manual translated in their mother tongue, practical teaching, and personal mentoring to see the Church planted. When we partner to bring our Church Planting training to a region, we have three strategic objectives. These objectives help stimulate the church planting movement and create a more sustainable approach to this important work:


  1. We work with local leadership to equip leaders for church planting. Leaders are developed and mentored to raise up future leaders. Leaders must lead themselves well, so that they in turn can lead others well.
  2. Our church planting strategy aims to see rapid reproduction. The urgency of reaching people for Christ should exude an emergency for the sake of the lost. This will manifest in the rapid reproduction of churches and aggressive outreach. 
  3. When churches are planted, we encourage a vision for churches planting churches. When reproduction is natural and a part of reaching more people, church planting will maintain momentum by instilling a DNA of reproduction. 


These church planting objectives will ultimately fuel leadership development, evangelism, and create momentum for the Great Commission to become the Great Fulfillment.


At Global Advance the focus is always Jesus, our message is the Gospel, and our task is the Great Commission.



When you partner with us, you are helping us put resource tools in the hands, and fresh vision for advancing the Gospel in the hearts of these indigenous leaders. Your partnership enables leaders to have a life-transforming experience that will exponentially affect their impact for Jesus Christ.


Pastor Ken


The Real Cancun: Where there is good and evil and life is not all a vacation...

Ah, Cancun!  Beautiful beaches and good times can be found here. But Cancun is also home to an entire region of real people, with real struggles and hopes and dreams.   


We came at the invitation of Mundo de Fe Church for a Marketplace Missions week. We would visit numerous businesses and conduct a Global Advance Marketplace Leaders conference. But within five minutes of meeting our host pastor named Lalo, we learned of a tragedy that had struck too close to home that very week.


“Three members of our sister church were murdered this week. They think the Narcos mistook them for someone else.”


Then it sunk in.   


I’ve traveled to Lebanon, Egypt, Africa, and Asia. Cancun is facing serious challenges too.  


Our team was expectant that God was going to do something special during our days there. But our expectancy was small compared to the people we were privileged to meet. 


Meet “The Chef” Luis and his wife Nilma. Together, with their son and daughter-in-law, they create some of the finest casual cuisines in the Yucatan. Strategically placed next to a large high school, they see their restaurant as a ministry.


Covering the walls are unique artistic chalk drawings of Biblical scenes with Scripture. “I am the Way and the Life,” declares one creative drawing of Jesus offering a hand to all who are willing.


Hundreds of students and their families crowd their little place in the mornings and afternoons. “My passion is to provide hope to the young people,” says the Chef. “They come here every day and need to know they are loved and have a future.” 


The Chef’s other passion? 


“I want to help feed the hungry in my city.” They already host outreaches and provide meals to the downtrodden, and serve their local church by providing meals for special events.



(The first Bible recipient at El Chef's restaurant, thanks to a generous donation from a Global Advance Ambassador.)


Israel is being primed by his father to take over a three generation family-run windows and mirrors business. They’ve built a legacy of integrity and generosity, now selling thousands of mirrors and windows annually. Their family generously supports their local church and other ministries in the region.  

Jessica has taken territory in a man’s world. Her custom tools and construction appliance shop has grown for two decades. In a machismo culture, somehow God’s favor has allowed her to prosper with a majority-women staffed team.

Her fear?  

“I cannot put my name on the other store location because the Narcos might threaten me to pay for protection.” This is a common problem in Mexico. If you are perceived as prosperous, you might be targeted to pay a monthly fee to gangs for protection of your business. If you don’t pay, you might face the threat of kidnapping... or worse.


We had the privilege of visiting a dozen businesses in Yucatan that are run by believers. God has strategically placed them in the marketplace for His glory. They are called to bless the city. They are Gospel bearers. They are problem solvers and nation builders.

Almost 200 attended our Global Advance Marketplace Leaders conference. Hungry for training and a touch from God, they cried, cheered, and committed their lives to further His Kingdom.


These wonderful people were challenged and affirmed as missionaries to the marketplace.  They are raising the spiritual and moral capital of the nation. Pray for God to raise up millions like them around the world!  


Thank you for supporting Global Advance to empower God’s frontline leaders around the world.

Jonathan Shibley serves as president of Global Advance. He started the Marketplace Missions initiative in 2003 to encourage and equip Christians in the marketplace in developing nations.


Doors Wide Open: How God is strategically bringing his daughters together all around the world


There’s something stirring.


God is moving in the hearts of His women... and it’s something like I have never witnessed before. 


Sure, maybe I’m hyper-aware of the women of God who are taking hold of and walking in the purpose for which they are created. Bringing these women together and helping lift their arms is what I know I’m to be about in these last days.


But it’s more than this.


It’s more than an awareness brought about by a personal call.



God is strategically bringing His daughters together all around the world.


The generations of daughters who have gone before us have shown us strength and how to be strategic in the positions where God has placed us.


Like Abigail, who after hearing of the destruction soon to come upon her house, prepared a meal and came in complete humility before David. Her wisdom in choice of words and demeanor not only saved her household, but made her queen shortly after (1 Samuel 25).


The same is true of Queen Esther (Esther 5).


These past daughters showed us how to be fierce and bold like Jael, who was on guard and ready to act when the enemy came to her tent. She was ready to use the tools in her hands and the preparation she possessed due to her position. She executed the enemy and saved her people (Judges 4:21).


There are so many examples we could look to; women of God who have gone before us to pave the way. These women have modeled how to be strong and strategic, bold and fierce, and how to be all these things while walking in a gentle, quiet, and humble spirit before our Lord.



I believe the difference between past generations and ours is that doors are starting to swing wide open for women of God to walk out their callings and be used in unprecedented ways.


This isn’t just happening in our western civilization, but all over the world.


I just returned from a very strategic trip to Jaipur, India where I had the privilege of meeting with ten other women leading ministries in six different nations.



We came together, ate together, and shared vision.


We dreamed together and ministered together for three days at a Global Advance Esther Initiative conference specifically tailored to women in leadership.


As a team we spoke value, calling, and purpose into the hearts of these women.



The relationships built among this team of women across borders were beautiful to see, but it was the new spark of excitement for their ministries and the future possibilities that were by far the most beautiful.


I have to be honest.


As I prepared for my time with these women, I continually felt the pressure to make something spectacular occur with this opportune meeting with such high capacity national leaders. But God had already prepared the way. As we spent time together, I heard story after story of great ministry taking place and was moved by the countless sacrifices they make daily to advance the gospel in their nations. 


I was humbled beyond measure and inspired by the fortitude and strength I witnessed in my sisters.


The greatest need they shared was for community with other women who are leading - women with whom they can walk alongside, sharing their joys and burdens while spurring each other on in ministry. Hearing this need sparked and encouraged my heart to press hard to continue to bring women in leadership together.


As leaders, we have the beautiful privilege to create life-giving community; a place for relationships to form and flourish, and a space for new vision to be birthed.



Through this beautiful community of women - this army of modern day Esthers rising up in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and beyond - may we boldly advance the Kingdom... together.


Cherice Stoltzfus - Global Advance Ambassador to India 


The Esther Initiative elevates women to the areas of leadership for which they are gifted and created. Whether it be in the home, the church, the marketplace, or in their communities, women are being inspired to rise up as modern day Esthers in their nations – to courageously say yes to bold faith in action right where they live. We believe that one woman can make a powerful Kingdom difference when she knows who she is in Christ and walks fully and freely in her calling. We believe that her unique Kingdom contribution could even change the course of a nation.


The Unstoppable Gospel Marches on in Guatemala

“How good and pleasant it is when

brothers dwell together in unity….”


Recently in Guatemala we had the opportunity to come alongside pastors and church leaders to provide training and encouragement. The Holy Spirit ignited the hearts of these leaders to see their nation transformed. Dozens responded to plant new churches and send Guatemalan missionaries out!



“This week has been like a refreshing river in the midst of a desert!” exclaimed one pastor who oversees multiple churches. 


“Most of the training for pastors occurs in Guatemala City but in the region of TecPan it is a rare thing. We’ve never had anything quite like this!”


Later in the week Global Advance had the privilege of convening entrepreneurs and business people in the region. Our team of company owners from the States toured several businesses owned by Christians to offer advice and prayer support. 


Energetic anticipation filled the room at our marketplace conference as they were taught principles from God’s Word related to business. Eighty-two committed their work life and businesses to advance God’s Kingdom purpose in Guatemala. 



Christian entrepreneurs and business people are crucial in nations like Guatemala to prevent “brain drain” and to bring blessing to the local churches and communities. Many times developing nations lose their best and brightest to opportunities in more developed economies.   




Thank you for praying for frontline pastors and marketplace leaders worldwide! The unstoppable Gospel of the Kingdom marches on.


Gratefully commissioned,