A few months ago, Alpha Relief received word of a Nepali woman named Amira* who had relocated to the Middle East to work as a maid. Upon arrival, things turned bad quickly for Amira. Her “employer” confiscated her passport and visa, effectively confining her to the house. Then the abuse began. Amira had only one hope: that God would hear her prayers and send rescue. Thankfully, her prayers were being heard. 

*Amira’s name has been changed in this story for her protection.

*Amira’s name has been changed in this story for her protection.

A vital connection was established, and word got to Amira that help was on the way. She could hardly contain her joy, and her captor became suspicious. Interrogation and surveillance became the norm. If her plans for escape were uncovered, Amira would surely be beaten. 

Meanwhile, a lawyer was secretly working to obtain a new passport and exit visa for Amira, but it was going to take some time. The problem was, the longer it took, the more danger Amira was in. So a middle-of-the night rescue was arranged and Amira went into hiding until her paperwork was completed. While in hiding, the fear of being found by her tormenters was almost too much for Amira to bear. But the Lord sustained her and she made it through that time without being discovered.  

Once Amira’s passport and visa were ready, a dear brother in Christ accompanied her to the airport and onto the plane to help her keep calm to ensure her safety. Amira’s journey to healing has just begun, but we are grateful to know that, thanks to your support, she is safely home.

You provided rescue and relief for Amira, and hers is just one of the many stories of lives saved and restored due to your generosity. We hope you will continue to partner with us as we reach our hands out to many more like Amira around the world. We are humbled to be in a position to do this work – you are making it possible.

With gratitude,

Ben Gabriel

Alpha Relief Initiative Director