Esther Initiative Launches First of Its Kind Training in Uganda

Global Advance kicked off our Summer training initiatives in Mbale, Uganda, where 1,200 women gathered to be trained at our Esther Initiative Conference. What a joy it was to receive real-time updates like this from our team on the ground:

“God is moving in this place in ways that I can hardly describe. Instead of the 600 women we expected, over 1,000 have arrived… and they just seem to keep coming. The team here is responding joyfully and generously to these surprise numbers, working early morning until late into the night to care for these women, many who have come from deep within the villages. We’re teaching through the Esther Manual each day. Yesterday, hundreds of women flooded the altar carrying tiny slips of paper that held confessions of the hard things God was calling them to surrender. Unforgiveness, bitterness, hate, and more were repented of and left at the foot of the cross. In response, they danced in their beautiful African style, with expressive countenances that told the story of their newfound freedom and joy in Christ. This, and so much more, contributes to these women going back to their communities with their heads and hearts lifted; with a deeper understanding of the Savior’s love, and better equipped to advance the gospel like never before. They’re getting it. God’s doing it, and it’s stunning to behold. Thank you, Jesus, for the opportunity to witness this with my own eyes. I wish you could all be here with me. You’d see the Father at work in the most beautiful ways.”


The conference is over and the women have returned to their villages, but the training continues. Regional women leaders are being mentored with Global Advance training tools to offer continued discipleship for the women under their care. This follow-up stewardship is a powerful strategy that continues to change lives where the gospel is needed most. 

Thank you for partnering with Global Advance. God is using your prayers, your going, and your giving to bring His Kingdom to Earth, one life, one training at a time.