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Have you ever thought about the occupations of the 12 disciples? They were everyday people from the marketplace who God used to bring in His Kingdom.

Recently, Global Advance had a team in India to convene and encourage Believers who are professionals from all walks of life. India has fast become one of the world’s economic giants with 1.3 billion people.  

Although the growth of Christianity has primarily spread through the lower economic class, God is strategically placing people in the business community to be a positive influence.

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Our team recently visited a construction company which employs many Believers. Their owners have birthed schools from the business and help meet needs throughout their city and nation. Global Advance sponsored a conference for over 80 entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, attorneys, and teachers. All were challenged to see themselves as missionaries who reflect the dignity and excellence of our King throughout the marketplace.  

Please pray for people in closed access nations who are called to serve God in the marketplace. And, pray for God to use you as His instrument in whatever field you are called to today.  

Gratefully commissioned,

Jonathan Shibley 


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