As the wheels of our plane hit the tarmac, my arm flew up in a fist pump to signal that we made it. I had been on a two year pursuit to reach into the nation of Bangladesh. Global Advance had worked tirelessly with key leaders to logistically pull off a Frontline Pastors training event in this closed access nation.


The nation of Bangladesh boasts the most dense population in the world. For perspective, Louisiana is the same land size as Bangladesh; however, Louisiana is home to 4.6 million people, whereas the population of Bangladesh is an astounding 180 million. The capital city of Dhaka has as many people as the whole state of Texas! In this small nation there are 173 million Muslims and only an estimated seven million Christians.

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Bangladesh is one of the eight South Asia nations where Global Advance is strategically working. We want to see a spiritual breakthrough to the over two billion people in the South Asia region who have little to no exposure to the Gospel. Our team of high capacity indigenous leaders worked to coordinate this gathering to include pastors from all five regions of Bangladesh. It was amazing to see the diversity between urban leaders and hill tribe people as they made connections with one another. These leaders had never been to a gathering to be trained, let alone given the opportunity to meet other Christian leaders with whom they could connect with and mutually encourage. These are pastors who often feel isolated and alone in their work in a nation that is 99% Muslim.

At the pastors training event, 62 out of 152 leaders felt a call from God to plant a new church within the next six to nine months. We met Pastor Joi who has committed to plant a new church in the south region of the nation. This area has no Christian church, and his will be the first Christian witness in the area.

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Planting the Church is one of the greatest ways to measure the advance of the Gospel and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Current research shows that with the increasing global population, an estimated five million new churches are needed in the next 5-10 years just to keep pace. Present global population is approximately seven billion people. By 2050, that number will likely increase to about 11 billion. As the number of people increase, so does the need for the number of churches needed to reach the lost.

Global Advance is going back to Bangladesh in July of 2018 to train church planters to plant new churches. Please join us and pray to the Lord of the harvest for a great and powerful harvest of souls in this nation. With your support and investment, we are able to strategically advance the Great Commission through practical training on the front lines.

Pastor Ken