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In 2016, Global Advance conducted a global survey of church leaders that revealed a striking theme:

Engaging the next generation is one of their most difficult yet imperative challenges!

Through our NextGen Engagement Initiative God is building the missing leadership bridge between generations. From the input of global millennials, we have developed a resource tool for pastors and NextGen leaders.

Recently, Global Advance invested in bringing together pastors and young Kingdom leaders in Liberia.

This West African nation and its people still deal with the aftermaths of a civil war. Lack of basic infrastructure – including reliable electricity, roads, and clean water – present on-going challenges. At the time of the recent Ebola outbreak, the country was home to only a scarce 50 medical doctors for this nation of nearly four million!

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The outcomes in Liberia resulted in a fresh commitment by 73 churches to intentionally reach the millennials in their communities.    

Thank you for partnering with Global Advance to lay strong foundations that will empower frontline leaders in Liberia for years to come. Your gift today helps empower the next generation of Great Commission leaders as we help strengthen their identity, cultivate their influence, and catalyze their impact for God’s Kingdom!