“I am from Nepal, from Hindu background. My mom passed away when I was four years old; my youngest sister was just 13 days old. I have no mom, no dad, no grandparents, so I grew up in an orphanage. I came to Christ when I was 13. When I was in mission school I saw my friends, who were loved by their parents and relatives and felt emptiness in my heart because no one loved me or cared for me. Most people wanted to abuse me in some way because I was an orphan. At that time, a sister shared with me that God could be my Father - my everything - so I called on Him and peace and joy entered my heart. Since becoming a follower of Christ, I decided to be a mother for many who are like me.”

Sanga is now a mother to 16 children that she has rescued off the streets. She is giving them a pathway to hope.  Sanga is currently participating in our Esther Initiative Mentoring Track.  This will equip her in her commitment to be a mentor-leader to women in Nepal.



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The world is desperately lacking spiritual mentors who will stand in the gap and teach what is good to a new generation of believers. Global Advance is answering this need. In strategic geographic regions around the world, our Esther Initiative mentoring team is investing in passionate women leaders like Sanga.  We are providing vision and tools through intentional leadership training. But that’s only the beginning. With ongoing support from Global Advance, these leaders will then begin the multiplication process by using what they’ve learned to make disciples in their own spheres of influence, mobilizing more women right where they live to reflect God’s character to a lost world.

One by one in cities, towns, and villages, these spiritual mothers are standing in the gap, committing to raising up modern day Esthers to be difference makers for the advancement of the gospel in their nations.

 Thank you for partnering with us… until the whole world hears.

Whitney Daugherty
Global Advance - Esther Initiative Coordinator

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