Multiplying the Next Generation of Leaders in Brazil

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The paradigm of God is multi-generational. From one generation to the next, we are invited to participate in the story of His glory. Yet within the body of Christ, we struggle with this thread of continuity. It seems there is a leadership gap, instead of a bridge, between generations. Our invitation as Christ followers is to make disciples. It is the process of disciple-making that causes the church to multiply.

For more than 28 years Global Advance has equipped and served Great Commission leaders around the world. Several years ago, we asked them to rank the greatest challenges they faced. Church leaders from almost every continent told us that engaging the next generation was one of their most difficult challenges. With this feedback, we have been working around the world to help pastors connect and facilitate leadership opportunities for emerging Great Commission leaders. We want to help bridge the leadership gap from generation to generation.

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Recently our Global Advance team traveled to Porto Alegre, Brazil to partner with local leaders to host a NextGen training conference. At this event, we mobilized over 1,520 NextGen leaders from 54 cities and 167 churches. We also trained 250 pastors on best practices for discipling this emerging generation of future leaders. Using our newest resource tool, NextGen Rising, we shared key mentoring and discipleship methods that connect with emerging young leaders. One young leader named Filipe shared with us, “The book NextGen Rising has awakened in many churches the need to discuss the topic of leadership. It’s a dry land that has been watered with a fresh rain, and now this land wants more.”

God’s redemptive plan is to raise up Great Commission leaders from each generation to continue His mission in the world. Global Advance believes these leaders must be engaged and nurtured by established spiritual leaders and churches in order for them to be adequately prepared to serve in their communities and the nations. Your partnership with Global Advance is helping to build a bridge for future leaders to hasten the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

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