A sleeping giant is awakening in the kingdom. As the level of persecution against the Church rises around the world, traditional missionary work has and will continue to increase in difficulty. However, there is an often over-looked demographic that has the potential to be the next massive missions force. They are the men and women called to the marketplace. Entrepreneurs, business people, and professionals are ingrained into the fabric of culture and society.

Stevenson and his son run a business in South Asia that supports missionaries, churches, and schools.

Stevenson and his son run a business in South Asia that supports missionaries, churches, and schools.

Throughout the developing world, churches are striving to impact culture and society. Christian marketplace leaders are in a strong position to have gospel influence. They serve as a witness to unbelievers in the workplace, but they also provide an economic foundation and source of needed leadership for the local church. Global Advance Marketplace Missions training events connect emerging frontline businesspeople with established, godly marketplace leaders to instill biblical leadership principles and business acumen. These ambassadors help link local Christian professionals with each other and their churches, empowering them to increase their influence for the advance of the gospel.

There are millions of believers in the global marketplace daily. The Holy Spirit is equipping these saints for their role in God’s Kingdom advance. Through excellent work and an honorable witness, marketplace believers are positioned to bring God’s blessings to their nations.

Who by nature of their normal traffic patterns of life have the most opportunities to initiate gospel conversations with the hurting and lost? Who are welcomed in almost every nation? Who ultimately will help fund the gospel’s advance in the decades to come? Those who are positioned in the marketplace.

Sri Lankan small business owners gather for encouragement and training.

Sri Lankan small business owners gather for encouragement and training.

Let’s pray for the sleeping giant to awaken around the world! A harvest of souls is yet to be won. Solutions to poverty are yet to be uncovered. Honorable men and women are positioned to raise the standard against corruption. There are resources to be generated for kingdom purpose.

A great need in developing countries is for people to be educated from a biblical perspective on the theology of work and practical skills. If you have a heart for the global marketplace, there are ways you can engage with Global Advance.


Commit to praying for Christian entrepreneurs, educators, media professionals, and public servants. Pray for God to provide further influence and open doors of opportunity to those in the marketplace.


You could be the catalyst for marketplace transformation in a developing nation. Contact Global Advance to learn how you can sponsor a frontline leaders’ training event.


Consider hosting a Marketplace Missions training at your local church, community organization, or place of business, or join Global Advance as an Ambassador at one of the dozens of international training events.

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Jonathan Shibley serves as president of Global Advance, a ministry that empowers frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission.


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