The Strategy Behind the Training: Fueling a Church Planting Movement in Siberia

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Our Global Advance team recently traveled west of the Ural Mountains and across the Siberian plains to a city called Novokuznetsk, carrying with them a passionate commitment to advance the Church in Siberia.

Our mission at Global Advance is to empower frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission. Through our relationships in this region, we have been helping to advance the Great Commission through a strategic church planting movement. While most consider Russia to be a Christian country, there are still many people who have never heard the Gospel. In fact, out of the 173 people groups that make up the population of Russia, half of these groups remain unreached. We believe that church planting is one of the greatest ways to measure the advance of the Gospel and the fulfillment of the Great Commission in a nation. 


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It was amazing to see 150 church planters gathered from many parts of Siberia to receive the three days of training that Global Advance offers at our Church Planting conferences. Leaders are provided a training manual translated in their mother tongue, practical teaching, and personal mentoring to see the Church planted. When we partner to bring our Church Planting training to a region, we have three strategic objectives. These objectives help stimulate the church planting movement and create a more sustainable approach to this important work:


  1. We work with local leadership to equip leaders for church planting. Leaders are developed and mentored to raise up future leaders. Leaders must lead themselves well, so that they in turn can lead others well.
  2. Our church planting strategy aims to see rapid reproduction. The urgency of reaching people for Christ should exude an emergency for the sake of the lost. This will manifest in the rapid reproduction of churches and aggressive outreach. 
  3. When churches are planted, we encourage a vision for churches planting churches. When reproduction is natural and a part of reaching more people, church planting will maintain momentum by instilling a DNA of reproduction. 


These church planting objectives will ultimately fuel leadership development, evangelism, and create momentum for the Great Commission to become the Great Fulfillment.


At Global Advance the focus is always Jesus, our message is the Gospel, and our task is the Great Commission.



When you partner with us, you are helping us put resource tools in the hands, and fresh vision for advancing the Gospel in the hearts of these indigenous leaders. Your partnership enables leaders to have a life-transforming experience that will exponentially affect their impact for Jesus Christ.


Pastor Ken