The Village Vision in Pakistan

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Great things can come from remote and overlooked places! Within the Sindh Province in Pakistan, Global Advance has been developing a vision to reach the unengaged people who live in remote villages. King David came from the tiny village of Bethlehem. While Moses grew up in the corridors of power, the Lord sent him to do simple work as a shepherd before he returned to lead God’s people. Villages are full of people who need to hear the good news that Jesus loves them and came to die for them. The village vision is to see churches planted in the isolated, forgotten, and small places. We want to see Christ worshipped by all.

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Recently, I visited one of those beautiful Pakistani villages. As the sun broke over the horizon, our car raced past roadside stands and carts being pulled by camels and donkeys. When we got to the first village, Pastor Guyan was waiting near his motorbike to meet us. The motorbike that he was using was purchased by Global Advance to help him traverse the network of villages that he oversees. He is passionate about evangelizing, opening doors for the gospel to advance, and identifying future pastors to be trained to plant churches in these villages. 

Our first stop was at a village hospital. Pastor Guyan took me to the bedside of Pastor Matu, who was very sick from parasites found in unsafe drinking water. Pastor Matu is one of the pastors that Global Advance trained to plant churches last year. He is committed to the scattered villages across this highly populated province. I listened to Pastor Matu as he told me about his monthly routine, which includes walking from village to village 20 days out of the month to share Jesus with the people. 

As we stood at his bedside, we began to pray for Pastor Matu to encounter the healing power of Jesus. He was healed immediately! He pulled out his IV and left the hospital to return to his important work. Pastor Guyan then led me to the village where Global Advance has been working to drill new wells that provide clean drinking water for the villagers. It was powerful to see the joy on the faces of the mothers and sisters who go to these wells to provide for their families. Clean water is a door for the gospel, so these wells literally bring living water to the villagers. Because of these wells, the gospel has been received and a church has been planted. 

I often marvel at how God uses ordinary things to reach His creation. God’s strategies have always been different than ours. We are impressed by size, speed, power, and strength. We long for what seems glorious and impressive. Our God, by contrast, chose the way of the cross. He chose the way of rejection, isolation, and shame to come for us, save us, and forgive us. He was worshipped and welcomed by shepherds. These were the same kinds of men He chose to father nations, defy Pharaoh, and slay Goliath. Could it be that God could use simple people to reach all of Pakistan?

Ordinary things in the hands of an extraordinary God can accomplish extraordinary things.

A year ago, I was in Pakistan to conduct a Church Plant Training conference. In the year since, we have seen national believers engage poverty within their regions. We have seen dozens of baptisms. We have watched as pastors planted churches in 9 villages. In short, we have seen Jesus make Himself known to the people! On this trip I had the privilege to speak in one of those village churches. I prayed for their sick and dedicated and consecrated their homes to God. As the evening set on this anointed day, we gathered with the villagers to worship Jesus.

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From drilling water wells, to supporting undercover missionaries on motorbikes, to training leaders to plant churches, Global Advance has been helping the gospel advance. With your support and monthly giving to Global Advance, we are seeing sons and daughters come to Jesus in Pakistan. 

Pastor Ken