Around the world, spiritual streams are converging, and old wineskins are eroding. Missional questions are forming. Can my city be transformed? Is it possible to see the lordship of Jesus announced in both the streets and on the factory floors? Can the glory of God fill the boardrooms of corporations and invite His salvation to visit the marketplace? In our time we are witnessing a powerful move of God to awaken our cities, stir up our churches, and call out leaders from every domain of society to work together to see the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Recently Global Advance partnered with City Vision, a ministry in the United Kingdom, to deliver training to marketplace pioneers, business owners, and church leaders. These innovators want to have an impact on their cities and see the works of God go beyond the walls of the church. At Global Advance, we are helping entrepreneurs to see their work as both ministry and worship before God. We are seeing leaders prioritize God’s Kingdom and look for ways to be a blessing in their city.

In each city around the world, the marketplace is a giant mission field. When Jesus began His public ministry, He did not just call priests, but also people from the marketplace. The work to disciple the nations requires the partnership of God’s people working together to grow the church and empower marketplace leaders. When this happens, the full reign of God is made known, starting with our cities, and then flowing out to the nations. Your faithful commitment to the Great Commission and your partnership with Global Advance enables us to ignite a movement that is growing from city to city and from nation to nation.