One of the biggest factors affecting employee happiness is knowing that they work for a company that shares their values. A company with a philanthropic culture provides the sort of shared value system that keeps employees productive, enthusiastic, and loyal.

Corporate Giving

Global Advance Corporate Giving provides the opportunity for you to engage your employees on a unifying and meaningful level while communicating the core values of your business. Create a philanthropic business community and impact the culture of your office, all while contributing to the satisfying work of helping Global Advance fulfill the Great Commission all over the world. Global Advance representatives are available to share the mission and vision behind what we do at your next luncheon or corporate event.

Marketplace Missions

Our Marketplace Missions initiatives provide a conduit for U.S. business leaders to invest their skills, knowledge, and experience into the lives of emerging marketplace leaders. Consider sponsoring a Marketplace event or serving as a team member on one of our Marketplace international trips this year.

Circle 72

The Global Advance Circle 72 is a team of generous partners who commit to support the ministry through minimum annual financial donations of $10,000 or more. This core circle concept is based off of the Luke 10 principle, when Jesus sent out the 72 ahead of him to every town and place He was preparing to go. Circle 72 ensures a solid foundation of support for the on-going ministry efforts of Global Advance.

If your business is interested in becoming a Circle 72 Partner, please contact us.