…My Refuge and My Fortress!

Praise God for His Hand of Mercy rests upon us. In the midst of all the world’s “crisis” we have the Promises of our Father to help us remain not only steadfast…..but move on in His Power and Authority.

Scriptures that we’re praying this month over all of the Global Advance people and operations are found in Psalms 91. This week we’ve been focused on verses 1-2.

1 He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress,my God, in whom I trust.”

Peace be unto you!

Prayer Points - Details Below

  • Alpha Relief - Columbia Event (security confidential
  • Ester Initiative - Working Retreat
  • Peru Trip - September
  • Media - Deadlines for Dinner
  • NextGen - SurveyMedia
  • 2017 Event Schedule

Marketplace Missions

Our Marketplace team returned safely home this week. There were prophetic words spoken over that region of the world that “a light would explode from there affecting the world” We know that our God has opened so many doors for Marketplace and He has yet many more doors to open. Let’s pray that we are sensitive to the “unrecognized areas” that desperately need the help and encouragement from our Marketplace leaders.

PERU: Pray for team members preparation (physical and spiritual) Trip is September.

Alpha Relief - Scott

We have a request from Scott with Alpha Relief (This is a confidential request, please do not forward or share)

Pray for Jaime and Lori Useche - Thursday through the weekend: They are bringing Red Zone pastors in Columbia high security - in for conference and equipping them with Bibles to take back with them. Pray for Encouragement for all.

Scott is also working on his book "Where Light Remains". We pray that as the Holy Sprit leads him, that his “pen” would flow to bring a powerful message of hope.

Esther Initiative - Whitney

We have an amazing praise report from Honduras. This is a post from Facebook: “God is good!! We had over 1,000 women at the Esther Conference at Puerta Del Cielo in La Ceiba, Honduras!! Women were empowered to be modern-day Esthers and change their communities for Christ!!”

We are believing for a waterfall of love and care to spring forth from the Ester Initiative to wash over many more nations impacting literally tens of thousands of women. This move of God has been orchestrated for this time and as such has immense power and influence as Global Advance – Ester Initiative takes on the challenge and provides hope, help, and love to all these women.

Please pray for the monthly Ester Initiative gathering at Stoltzfus - on going EI training.

Let’s begin now to intercede for the EI retreat planning session in September. Father we ask that You begin to plant new seeds of opportunity in the path of EI. That the very heart of You Father is poured in to these ladies as they plan and develop the strategies and events for EI. We ask for great open doors to swing wide as the need to enter new countries is evident…. May You go before them (EI) to establish the paths You intend.

Nepal trip - Pray: For women in this culture it is difficult to meet; pray they are receptive to the message

Media - Andy

Please pray for Andy as he is heavily into working all aspects of room design, video, and graphics for the Dinner in October. There are many deadlines quickly approaching and let’s join together to pray for his stamina and creativity to be a flow directly from the Holy Spirit…… He (Andy) doesn’t have to do it on his own.

NextGen - Keith

Survey: Only 10 days left for people to take the NextGen Survey. Keith reports that the French translation has just been completed. Let’s pray especially for responders to the survey from throughout the Middle East.

Pray for Keith as he has an established deadline for the NextGen Manual - 5 weeks remaining. Pray that all the components and content come together with ease. Please pray that even before the manual is distributed that it is “anointed” to do the Kingdom work it is intended for. That every hand it touches will be transformed, every eye that reads will be opened, every heart that receives will be encouraged.

Programs - Ken

Ken is in the process of scheduling all the trips for 2017. This is a massive work of coordination and planning. We are asking for fresh revelation of the Father’s desires of where and when to go and what programs He has intended.

Ambassador Day preparations – Much work yet to be done: Story boarding entire day; working with Directors for their various parts/input/videos.

Nepal Trip - 400+ villages have been identified that do not have churches - Pray for successful church planting ignited as result of trip.