Finish Strong!

Global Advance staff is recouping and rejoicing coming off a great week with the Dinner and Ambassador's Day.   We as the IC should be praying for their energy levels and focus to remain strong as the year and approaches. 

There is no "down time" for this faithful team at GA.   As you may be aware there have been numerous physical "issues" for many team members and their families.  We know that these are intended to distract and weigh heavy upon them.  We stand in the gap to push back the dark forces attacking and provide a spiritual "shield" around them.   Let us as the IC stand guard over them in prayer.... we are their first line of defense (going to the Lord) in this battle.

Quick note, no details.... Gareth broke his collar bone!

Below are the list of upcoming trips.  Let us pray for Ken and team as they are working on the 2018 schedule.   Father, we ask in the Name of Yeshua that You lead by Your Spirit letting Ken and team know where you want them to go and what to do in 2018.  Let there be no distraction or question or "wondering" whether it can be done.  In Your Name we claim every conference/event right now in the Heavenlies as done and sealed with Your desire and hand upon it.  We know that all resources necessary will be provided and we pray for "overflow".... even more than needed so that there would be a grand opportunity to pour into somethings that were not seen, but will come into view as the year unfolds.   May Your Kingdom be expanded and Your Name be lifted high!


UPCOMING EVENTS / CONFERENCES:                           

Month         Days          Location                           Type                       Team Lead

October      27-28        India, Jaipur                  Marketplace/NG     Jonathan Shibley
November   13-18        Rwanda, Kigali               NextGen                  Ken Janke
November    30-2       India, Ahmedabad/Gujarat    FLP/CP/EI       Vivek Samuel/ Whitney
December    6-9         Colombia, Leticia            Frontline Pastors    Steve Lawson