Our God Reigns!!!

As I sit here this morning, looking out the window at the rain.... my ears turn to the sound of the song on Pandora..... Halleluia, our God Reigns.   Because He Reigns, the "rain in our lives" is made into SonShine!   Let us all join together, entering into His Gates with thanksgiving and His Courts with Praise.... OUR GOD REIGNS!!!!


John and Lisa


Please join us as we lift up these prayers, knowing that our Father in Heaven hears and moves upon them.

  • Days with David is this Saturday and Sunday.  There were a couple of people drop out over the weekend, so let us pray for those that God is calling will not be distracted or disrupted from attending.  That David's heart is poured out with specific words for each one as they have need.
  • Thursday is the GA Board of Directors meeting.  Pray for all preparations to be eased into finalization and for wisdom and unity to prevail.
  • Ken leaves Friday to Rwanda.  He has a super busy schedule including Marketplace, NextGen; Church leaders; mentoring: meeting with Prime Minister of Rwanda (he is also President of Rwanda Christian University)  Please pray for health, stamina, and Holy Spirit words and vision for Ken and each person attending.


UPCOMING EVENTS / CONFERENCES:                           

Month         Days          Location                           Type                       Team Lead

November   13-18        Rwanda, Kigali                  NextGen                  Ken Janke
November    30-2       India, Ahmedabad/Gujarat    FLP/CP/EI          Vivek Samuel/ Whitney
December    6-9         Colombia, Leticia              Frontline Pastors    Steve Lawson