"Find rest in the traffic patterns of life" - Jonathan

Father we ask in the Name of Yeshua for Your covering to be upon each of these requests.  Today we rest with great assurance that none of these is outside of Your realm.   We desire to submit each one, confidently to You, not in our confidence but in complete confidence in You and Your desires.  Praise You oh God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Holy Spirit!!!!!


Prayer Requests:

Jonathan      Several donor meetings/lunches THIS WEEK

Jonathan      Pray for God's favor in ways to get funding to SAARC area

General           Exec Council meeting Wednesday

David              Leaving for Africa on Friday - 15 days; pray for stamina, clarity, health

Gareth / Shirley        Audit going on; results to be sent to ECFA for rating

Gareth                        Contractors at GA: weed/mowers, etc.  BUSY

Ken                 SAARC Report being prepared for release next week.

Ken                 Leaves Friday for Jagdalpur, In – pray for Bhutan conference (lots of dynamic   tension – tribal uprising, etc.)

Ken                 GA annual dinner – working on concept/theme – pray for this

Ken                 Bombing last week in Lahor – friend of Naz killed

Amy                Preparing many intricate and complex international trips

Vivek               NextGen handbook and DWD handbooks to be completed this week and sent for printing

Alpha Relief (AR)      Benj    Must move out of home by next Sunday.

Alpha Relief (AR)      Benj    AR partner leaving to Pakistan to gather info – pray for God’s grace on his travels.

Esther Initiative        Whitney         Working w/Connie pre-event for Jagdalpur, India


Message this morning from Jonathan:                  

            Find rest in the traffic patterns of life.      

            Good works you do flows out of who you are in Christ!  

            Find your quiet place (like Jesus frequently did):           

                        Pray without ceasing

                        Take a "mental trip around the world to pray over all nations.

                        In your prayer time, ask for the "Next Step".