New Texting App

New Texting Communications App

Good Day All!

Well.... we are moving into new realms of technology, so hold onto your hats!   Lisa and I have been using a group text app (GroupMe) for a couple of years now that really maximizes effectiveness and efficiency when sending group texts.   Some of the reasons to make this move are:


1. Some cell phone providers limit a group text to 10 recipients or respondents.   Our group has 15 now and may grow in the future.   This requires us to send out 2 different text group messages.  When a person in one group responds, the people in the other group cannot see it, read it, or respond.  This new system allows real time reading and responding by all members.

2. When using the GroupMe app it does not fill up your message texts because it is a separate app.

3. Since it is a separate app, it allows us to maintain threads of conversations and refer back to them easily.

4. You can use your phone or PC/Mac to view/respond to messages

5. Its FREE!

6. We will continue to use our IC website for regular postings, but will use GroupMe for real-time communications and emergency updates.

Each of you has already been set up as a member of Global Advance IC Team GroupMe account.


You can download the GroupMe app from the App StorePlay Store and Windows Phone Store. If you’re on a desktop, you can use the web version of GroupMe instead.


Here is the link to the GroupMe help page if you have any problems. (or feel free to call me, John @ 903-456-3409)

After you install the app, the Global Advance IC Team should be listed as a group.  Please send a message via GroupMe once you're connected.

We believe this will be a simple and effective way for us to communicate to each other.  Again, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to call .

Blessings and Thanks,

John and Lisa