Remind You...

2 Timothy 1:6

6 For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands,

Hello all our fellow lovers of the Lord Jesus Christ.   As we write this, there are trips about to embark this week to the far reaches of the globe.   Let us join in the Heavenly realm to "fan the flame of the gift of God upon each Ambassador, Host, and participant.   Lisa and I are praying that with each "touch of an Ambassador's hand" that the flame within them is passed on like a torch.  Each recipient then passing on that flame wherever they go.   Father may we be Your standard bearers, lighting the flame, reigniting the flame, in the hearts of those that Global Advance touches!

Blessings over you all in Christ Jesus our Lord!

John and Lisa



Upcoming Trips:


Frontline Pastors – Church Planters

DATE               LOCATION                    TEAM LEAD                LOCAL HOST

April   13-14     Kenya,  Butere               local host                    Shem Kihoro

April    14-15    Kenya, Murungaru          local host                 Shem Kihoro

April    20-21   Kenya, Madogo               local host                   Shem Kihoro

April    25-27   India, Shimla                   local host                   James Chacko


DATE               LOCATION                    TEAM LEAD                                LOCAL HOST

April    13-14   Cameroon, Douala         Steve Lawson                             Hal Rahman

April    17-22   Rwanda, Kigali               Jonathan Shibley/Ken Janke     Patrice Habinshuti


DATE               LOCATION                    TEAM LEAD                                LOCAL HOST

April    13-15    Cameroon, Douala        Bryce Manderfield/Ken Janke    Hal Rahman