To Him.... All Honor, Glory, Power

Hello All Our Wonderful Friends,

You guys are so amazing to walk alongside and work with Global Advance.  As you operate in the spirit through your prayers, you initiate the bringing of Heaven to earth.   Every prayer uttered does not go unnoticed by our Mighty Heavenly Father!


I’m sitting her listening to Pandora and Revelation song just came on.  I have to pause and ask you to join me as you read this, wherever you are, and lift high His Holy Name.  Revelation 5:13 And I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and in the sea, and all that is in them, saying, “To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be blessing and honor and glory and might forever and ever!”


I hope that you are now in a worshipful place of prayer… In this place let us come before the throne and seek His presence and His desires.    


Jonathan sent this to me today…..

  • Pray for Benj and I tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday we go to Colorado.  Tomorrow night  (Wednesday) we have a dinner presentation with supporters.   
  • Thursday we have an important meeting with World Challenge.
  • Friday night Dad and I have dinner with GA's  largest contributor.  He's been having some personal battles and it's an attack on his purpose.  Pray we minister grace to him.  Also pray we will have the opportunity to make an ask for his continued help.  This could be a huge swing if he says yes.  God is our provider!


Father God, Great and Mighty, we adore You!  We seek You and Your provision for Global Advance.  We pray that in each of these meetings that You El Elyon will be glorified and honored.    You know every need; physical, spiritual, and emotional that is on our hearts.  As we beseech You, hear our prayers not for ourselves or agendas but for Your Vision, the one that is cast and anchored within Global Advance.    Every need we attempt to fulfill can only be done with Your Hand firmly guiding and providing.  We thank You ahead of time for what You are going to do. In the Precious and Powerful Name of our Saviour Yeshua!


Additional Prayer Requests this week:  Please pray for wisdom, creativity, and attention to details.

  • Vivek and Amy are working on upcoming trips and annual dinner plans.
  • Shirley is wrapping up from audit and working on receipting changes.
  • Gareth is cleaning up our Database after Alpha Relief merge (coding, flags, etc.).
  • Please review the upcoming trips listed in our last post