There is a rattling....

As I sit and write this, the title speaks for itself.  I feel a rattling in the spirit realm.  It is like to mighty sabers clashing together in violent war.   Both soldiers locked into a fierce battle for "their side".... one knowing they are already defeated, but unwilling to go down without a horrendous fight.   As prayer warriors, each of us have a unique and powerful "sword" to swing into this battle.  It seems that daily, there are more reports of evil, falling or wounded soldiers, and distractions designed to  "sway away" the faithful.

As you read the following, please keep in mind this information, even as limited as it is, must remain solely within the Inner Circle.... thank you.

As I posted on GroupMe, I have been speaking with Ken the past 2 days.  I apologize for not posting this sooner.  The following issues are at hand and need our prayers....


One of our key SAARC leaders has been accused of improper relationships with a woman (not his wife).  The accusations are proving to be founded.   There is going to be a meeting between key SAARC leaders, this leader, and the woman in the next few days.  This is how they handle situations of this nature culturally.   There is a great need for this leader to be completely transparent, with conviction to his wrong doings, to repent, and be in a restoration process with the local leaders and guided by Ken.   This resolution is key to continued unity and integrity amongst our SAARC leaders.   Please pray for each person to be supremely submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit in whatever capacity they have.  Pray for Ken to be especially sensitive to the Holy Spirit as he leads, counsels, and is the glue holding together this group. ( I realize that the Holy Spirit is truly in control, but you understand my comment)


Secondly,   Some very critical information regarding SAARC delegates (contact names, addresses, emails, phone numbers) was lost at an airport in a very "unfavorable" country.  The authorities may have seized the information or happened upon it.  Whatever the case the information, if found by these authorities could have profound security implications for SAARC delegates and Global Advance.   Lisa and I began to pray yesterday that the information would simply, yet clearly "supernaturally disappear" from written form, electronic form, and even the minds of those that may have read it.   Our prayer is that any and all traces of this information cease to exist outside any area that is not conducive to the ministry!

Finally, our team in India has been wracked with "unexplained" illness.  Connie actually passed out while presenting yesterday.  She recovered and continued to preach.  The enemy WILL NOT have a place in any and all GA activities anywhere in the world.  We demand all attacks cease in the Name of Yeshua and release protection from On-High to all!


Thank you all so much for walking, praying, living out this effort alongside Lisa and I and all of Global Advance.   You are LOVED!


John and Lisa



PS... While we are on this site.... here are the upcoming Global Advance Events

February 26-28 India, M. Rampur, Odisha State   CP/EI    Steve Chandler

Team:Steve Chandler, Bethel Samuel, Connie Parker, Connie Westfall; Lisa Hayman

March 2-4 India, South Gujarat  Church Planters Training,   Bethel Samuel

Team:Bethel Samuel

March 7-10 Dominican Rep., Santo Domingo   Esther Initiative,   Chanda Fulgium

Team:Chanda Fulgium, Judy Pogue; Joanna Santana; Dana Vestal

March 9-10 Kenya, Kisii  Church Planters Training,  Shem Kihoro

Team:Shem Kihoro

March 13-15 GuatemalaTecpán, Chimaltenango  Frontline Pastors   David Shibley

Team:David Shibley, Brad Howard, Sonny Conatser

March 15-17 Guatemala Tecpán, Chimaltenango  Marketplace Missions   Jonathan Shibley

Team:Jonathan Shibley, Robert Allsup, Mark Sterns, Jack Green