This Week and This Month

Dr. Shibley is ministering in all 3 services tomorrow at Lakeshore. Pray that he moves with the Spirit, which is our strength and song. The ever-present likeness of Jesus that flows through us.

This week let us be in prayer for Jonathan, specifically as he reaches out and meets with potentially significant financial partners. He will be in New York on Thursday and Friday in Pennsylvania. We know that our Lord God and Father has equipped Jonathan for this mission and that He is, and always has been the provider of all resources for GA. Let us be in agreement for a grand outpouring of “abundant resources”. Asking for our Father to bless each contributor as they give to His Kingdom purposes orchestrated by GA.

August is once again a busy month for events around the world for GA. Let us direct our prayers toward Heaven, gaining insight from the Holy Spirit. To cover and lift up each leader, to call upon angelic guards to be at each event protecting, for travel to be swift and effective, and for every person touched at these events to be electrified for Kingdom work.

Below are the dates, locations, and team leaders for each event.

Front Line Pastors

August 8-10 Kenya, Nairobi David Hatley

August 13-15 Madagascar, TBD Daniel King

August 16-19 Zambia, Lusaka Mike Johnson

Marketplace Missions

August 22-23 Honduras, La Ceiba Jonathan Shibley/Hallie Powers Travis Moffatt

Ester Initiative

August 16-23 (1day) Honduras, La Ceiba Hallie Powers Travis Moffatt

NextGen Engagement

August 5-7 Ecuador, Quito Bryce Manderfield/Ken Janke