There is Power in the act of prayers

Welcome and be glad in the Name of our Lord Jesus the Christ! Today is an amazing day as we join hands in lifting up the people and programs of Global Advance.

Jonathan had a prophetic word spoken over him recently. Let us stand together in unity of agreement that these words will come to pass according to God’s great promises.

Recent word: “Bumper crop. God opening doors. Jonathan entering into a season of rest in the midst of busyness”

Previously, Jonathan had a word spoken that he would have influence in the Pacific Rim. Jonathan has met with, and is meeting with several key business leaders (potentially significant partners) from that area of the world.

In addition, Jonathan asks that we keep in concerted pray that key financial potential be freed from spiritual burden to open the doors of resources and as we do, remember to pray against resistance that is restraining the outflow!

We love you guys and are blessed to stand arm-in-arm with you all!

John and Lisa

Prayer Points – (details below)

Continuing work on the 2016 Dinner

Continuing work on the 2016 Ambassadors’ Training

Praise Report on Nepal

2016 Financials

NOTE: Please see information about an upcoming IC gathering

September Trips/Events

2016 Dinner – “Light the Nations”

Pray for all the tables to be hosted and sponsored

Pray that all large sponsors will come through… in abundance

Pray for the hearts of attendees to be open and connect to the ministry of GA

Pray for all the staff and volunteers for energy and protection and health

2016 Ambassadors’ Training

Please continue to pray for all the Ambassadors as they come to train and be refreshed in their roles.

Praise from Nepal (from GA Facebook)

“Over 500 Leaders gathered this week in Nepal to receive needed training. 250 of them are receiving training in Church Planting” Let us lift up these that have committed to not only receiving…. but giving. There will be a roar heart around the world as these warriors go out and establish new congregations of believers!

“The Esther Initiative was in Nepal this week! These incredible women are being uplifted and trained through our Esther leadership curriculum so that they are equipped to serve alongside their teams in a nationwide church planting effort. Please pray for these brave leaders who are ready to impact their families, their churches, their communities, and their nation for Christ!

2016 Financials

We know that our Father “owns the cattle on a 1000 hills”. Let us come diligently before Him asking for an outpouring of financial blessings. Lisa and I have been praying, and ask you to join us in faith that God will provide a “great flood of resources” for perpetual sustainability of the GA. In other words, so significant enough that fundraising would never have to happen again. Our God is Greater than anything we can imagine and GA IS His ministry. We are believing for Him to allow concerted focus on ministry vs fund raising.

Upcoming IC Gathering

Please check your schedules and see what day/times best meet you ability to attend.

Listed below are the dates and times available. Please respond via email your first, second, third choice of day/time.

All dates are September

20 @ 7pm

27 @ lunch

27 @ 7pm

28 @ 7pm

Frontline Pastors - Igniter

September 12-17 Georgia, Tbilisi Frontline Pastors

September 18-23 Tanzania, Arusha Frontline Pastors

September 21-25 Zambia, Lusaka Frontline Pastors

Frontline Pastors – Implementer

September 16-17 Kenya, Arusha Church Planting

September 4-17 India, Jaipur/Kanpur Church Planting

Marketplace Missions

September 19-24 Peru, Trujillo/Lima/Cusco Marketplace